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    I don't know who I would do for a serious tombstone, I made up some names few years ago, when I first made tombstones, they were kinda weird. I am afraid that the facny type of stones will look stupid with funny epitaphs, but at the park they are a big hit, so may just do it anyway. I have a list of them to chose from. Hobby Lobby didn't have the foam letters. so will have to check michaels tomorrow. Dollar Tree had a few thing out,. a skull, small skelly's, skelly garland, So, it begins! I have to get busy, I was gone most of the day today, an never got to anything, tomorrow supposed to do something with my son. I so have to get busy . First I have to finsih what I am sending the secret santa on CFC forum,that has to be mailed next week. I just am so tired all the tiime, Thurs. and Fri. I worked on pie dough , frozen pieces of pie dough for pot pies for Schwaans. I enjoy that job, but the boxes are heavy, I am so tired when I get home, don't get much done except what I need to. and not even all of that!! I need to get the talking skull going and also make sure the FGC is up and running, wanted a leer, but probably won't get it done. when I saw the 99 days at the top of the page, I sorta freaked, cuz I only have70 days til the first camping trip. dang. I am so screwed!!!
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    Wel, I think the funny epitaphs are more appealing to the park situation, but also want a serious looking one, too. I don't know, probably will do the epitaphs, at leaast some. I have a dracula stone already, , it is in his full name in real life, Vlad Teppes Dracula, I put the dracula, instead of Dracule, which is the real name of the guy that the bram stoker book is based on.He was evil ! but thought the name would be cool, then at the last minute added the dracula. figuring folks wouldn 't get it otherwise!i have a bat on the stone too, it is sorta cool. I still can't find the foam letters, will probalby get some at hobby lobby, then will find the other ones, LOL!
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    Doing pretty good. Went out to the mailbox yesterday and the front part of my shoe came loose and tripped me. Fell pretty hard but luckily I only was a
    little stiff and sore. Waiting for our secret reaper next month. I usually don't
    get in the mood till September. Thinking about buying a couple of things for the yard this year.
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    you have to use a gun/shooter thing to apply it, like with caulking. I saw a thread on here someplace that said it ate thru blue styo , mine was regular , i will have to experiement with it, have alot I want to make, A quick questioon, I ususally use epitaphs like "Doug M. Upp" would those look weird on the fancier tombstones with the things I got from hobby lobby, the people at the park seem to like those, don't want to keep doing RIP all the time, I have some foam letters I wanted to use, can't remember where I put them! old age creeping in
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    thank you for your pic comments, Hallo, the corpse guy is a cheap biglots blucky, is used a razor to cut the face, ribs, arms and hands, cover the exposed parts with masking tape, and yea, mached over, but did use both campdray, a water proofer for tensts, etc. but alot of clear spray finish. I thik he is sealed good, I may put a couple more coats later when I am working on something else. As far as the tombstone goes, the angel statue is just set on the base of the tombstone, the cherub on the front had a wire coming out of the back, I punched a hole in the cooler, put liquid nail in the hole and on the cherub itself, and stuck it on, now that it is hard, it is stuck good! that is also how(the liquid nail) I stuck the cooler to the base, and the top of the cooler to the bottom !
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    Thankyou and ill keep ya up to date on everything
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    Good morning! Have a great day!

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    Hi Hallo, done, finally done, except for one gal that asked to sign up at the last minute, after the deadline, one guys just sent me his info late, so I just moved him into place, if the gal decides to do it i have a plan in place of how to handle it. I am so tired, all in all I spent 3 -4 hours sending the PM's not counting matiching and organizing names, i am beat, tomorrow will have to check what has been giing on aroudn the forum, now to bed!
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    Hi Hallo! We did seriously consider downsizing but the thought of moving struck terror in our hearts. We are slowly getting rid of the excess that builds up over the years, in addition to all the stuff we brought home from our parents' homes when they passed away. It feels very freeing to lighten the load. Even though we have way to much space for just the two of us it's hard to think about moving from the home we raised our kids in. And besides....I have too many precious pets buried on the property. It's like a pet cemetery here! The house really does set the right mood for holiday decorating. There are just too many reasons to stay where we are. Hope you are having a good summer. We are expecting temperatures in the triple digits this week. I really am not a fan of hot weather, and it's so hard on the horses. This too shall pass and soon I'll be *****ing about the rain
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