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    Good Morning!!! 57 days to go!!
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    Glad you liked the photos. Thanks for the nice complements.

    The prince and friar pictues were taken a number of years ago, The Friar's costume is mine and I just got a new cross for it. It cost $25 about ten years ago.

    The P'srince outfit was my girlfriend's nephew MardI Gras outfit so I had to return it.

    I really like the Icabod Crane. The vest and shirt were part of my Washington costume. I got these from Janis back in 1996. So a wee bit tight. She can probaly add some cloth to the vest to let it out but the shirt is tight across my back at the top. Will get that fixed because I really like doing George Washington.

    I am about to put the nail in the coffin for Martha. Just got at a clearence sale three nice mock turtle neck tops and two knee length print skirts. These skirts are full and really bounce and shake when you walk. I'll also have to be on guard for any real blasts of wind! Ooops!

    The other part of Martha will be the Glampira. I have everything I need including a long velvet cape. All I need do is have some one tell me what makeup I will need and I do need practice.

    This will end the Martha project.

    Hope one day I can do Captain Hook or the Renaissance King. Would love to do those two but at present i have enough costumes.

    I will be going on a bus trip beginning this Saturday to Toronto and Niagara Falls and will be back on Sunday the 13th. Have no idea if I will have access to a computer so if you don't hear from me you'll know I haven'y eloped with Martha Stewart.

    Thanks again for your comments and will talk atcha later.

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    helllooooo! sorry it's been so long Well - the shops over here are just starting to put some stuff out so I can feel the excitement bubbling up like a perfect potion in a cauldron! And only 49 days tll NY woo hoo! Hope it's all good where you are x
  5. just dropping by to say hi
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    Sorry..., sorry... Turns out the crowbar I had was defective (damned thing bent like a pretzel when I tried to pry the mausoleum doors open), and the return line at Crypts-R-Us is really, really long...

    Missed you too, Hallo! Though I have to say that one does enjoy being mourned, providing of course that the circumstances aren't too permanent (sent you a PM about that...).

    As for my wits, well, anyone will tell you they're well picked-over, but I'm back in The Patch now, and have a little "B-1" cocktail whirring away in the blender, which should help take care of any recent "transplant shock".

    Had to recall the Spiders after they made that wrong turn at Albuquerque, and now there's no time for frivolities -- they have to start webbing-up the place for the start of the Halloween season. Hope you're not too disappointed. Besides, the Bats should more than make up for their (temporary) detour. Did I mention they just love to do creative things with hair... Don't forget to leave a window open. Heh-heh...

    (little fanged emoticon here)

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    Hi Hallo, how goes the reaper- gift making? I have been working on mine too, getting there, I may break down and buy something to finish out the things I made. was gona make a head on a spike/pole but have too much of my own things to do. well good luck, just wanted to say hi an miss ya!
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    Pictures of the new costumes are in my costume album
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    Good News!

    I found a Martha Stewart Glampira costume on the net. But not large enough.

    It consists of a velvet vampire cape, a black ankle length skirt, a black v neck top, long black gloves.

    Well, I have a long black ankle skirt in my Martha duds, a black mock turtle neck long sleeved top, long black gloves, a ruby vampire amulet, my black support hose & a pair of black pumps.

    The velvet cape (56") is available at Buy Costumes for #19.99 and a medium vampiress wig for between $7.99. I have just ordered them and they will arrive before I leave on vacation but not the photoshoot. Also ordered the black eyelashes with glue for attaching.

    And on the net there is a complete how to makeup for Glampira!

    So I am cooking with gas!

    A Martha Stewart outfit perfect for Halloween with little expenditure.

    I have had more fun with the Martha Stewart character than any other that I have developed. Martha will be my main female character. And my ladyfriend Virginia loves me as Martha and loves doing the photoshoots. I sort of like doing Martha myself.

    I never though that I would get so wrapped up in a female character.

    Another inexpensive charater.

    What do you think?

    Hope you are doing well and have a great week.

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    Aw, go on. Can I fish for compliments or what?
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