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  1. just dropping by to say hi
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    schoolhouse ? - my husbands aunt came 2 stay with us , with 2 teenage daughters, cause she was having domestic problems
    have u ever heard ghosts love that age group- well she only stayed a couple of weeks and the "upstairs" ghost Gaylord seemed 2 leave when they left- we took care of his aunt and daughters 4 that time , feed them, took in there pets, got the girls clothes etc- we where at work one day she moved back 2 her husband 2 hrs away (we had gone down with a uhaul; and moved them, nothing was even packed)
    she left us this message
    get f**ked and burn in hell-
    last we ever heard of her
    so safe 2 say she took that ghost

    the downstairs one was named Charity- its a whole story about those 2
    anyways the lady was a lawyer who bought thehouse and her daughter was pj
    she had the baby b4 closing and that ghost seemed 2 b gone-
    I was in the room alone with the baby -asking it - r u Charity!!!! LOL
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    I cked out that stories- cool
    we have tons of stories from the old schoolhouse- it was scary to live there!
    al ady I know works at the fabric store and does face painting at colleges- don't know how long it takes her but she says she makes "killer" money doing it- she charges $50 an hr - to do custom work! wonder if I could post house pictures? they wouldn't really be halloween ?
    ck out this webpage its a cool costume
    headless marie antoinette
    2day was 85 again!!!! 2 hot-
    I always thought oompa loompas would b fun 2 b-
    we went to Gettysburg when I was a child and my sister had nightmares 4ever when we got home- supposed 2 b very haunted
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    Can you get fangs to eat and drink with?

    That is the problem with fangs. I love to eat!


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    I agree.

    I would like to continue on with Martha as a Victorian Vampire since I have all the parts and then look at a gypsy woman.

    I would like to do Lestat at Halloween and martha/Vampire at Mardi gras!


    But I need get to the Rennie King & The Pharoah.

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    Hi Hallo, I hear ya about the wind, the 2nd camping trip I did I only put out a bit of my stuff cuz of wind and rain, I finally did put the witches out, but even though I used pins stuck into the head thru the hat, I was always chasing witch hats down the street! yours turned out pretty cool though, the glass tombstones is a great idea, can't wait to see what else you come up with on your aafter christmas deals, I agree too that lighting is important, I try to get good lighting, don't know how good I succeed, pictures never turn out good of the lighting, I think I need a tripod, at least that is what I hear, to do night pics.
    Been working on the bat, got the wings on, just want to paint some low-lights on them, but am having a h#ll of a time with the head, the deer head isn't working so am trying a styfoam ball, but can't get the mache stuff i bought to stick, am getting pissed, spent 7 dollars I didn't have to buy it, it is supposed to stick to things, and be light weight, but it ain't working like I want, I need to either go back to celluclay or either paper clay or das clay. The wings look good, but got really frustrated by the head yesterday, spent alot of time making and taking apart ,not happy with it, so finally quit, I don't know if it will be done for the contest or not, The wings do look good though, Oh well will keep pluggin away!
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    the little table and chairs is adorable! Is it for dolls or your daughter? very cute!
    we have had 3 almost 2 hot days - 85 yesterday- but last wk it snowed- so we say it's Ohio u can run your furnace and your ac on the same day!
    we have spent alot of time redoing the house- it's non- stop upkeep - but oh well-
    I have a reader I've known 4 20 yrs, met him when we had an old schoolhouse, it was haunted bad- we had to say - 10 different psalms- throughout the house, pour salt around the outside- etc- we sold it- 2 yrs of it was a trip! So b4 I bought this one , I took pictures of it - to him and asked what he thought-
    he said it had good ghosts- a lady caretaker - Issabella - and a young boy Tommy-
    and that others can and went all the time.
    he also said it had been a "cat" house at one time! we r the 2nd owner- been in one family all those yrs-
    u must be a good face painter- have u seen the snazeroo- face painting website?
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    How about me in my golden brocade French Aristocrat with the vampire cape, pendulum, very dark eyebrows and very red lips with fangs!

    The Vampire Lestat!

    What do you thnk?
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    Here is what a GCSE is, its basically a certificate for a subject of our choice, and they are what work employers look at to see what qualifications we have.
    None of my parents are america or in the millitary, we are just all British.

    I had an idea of an easy prop the other day. Its a polystyrene head with a mask on it ( a human face mask ) and you make a hole from the back of the head to the mouth of the mask, and stick a fish air pump through the hole at the back. And then you get a tank of water and put the head in it, then turn on the pump and air will stream from its mouth giving the effect of a drowning head in water....Its a rough thing that i would like to do for next year, so i have a long time to work on it
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    well I've got lots of pictures of different rooms- if u like I'll send u more- I don't think I'd like a bed and breakfast- we get old friends that come and stay 4-ever- they say their sleep in "Tommy's room" the little boy ghost is the best ever- have 2 wake morning people up 4 breakfast in the afternoon- we had redone everything bought it for $95,000 10 yrs ago - it had appraised at $250,000 but nowadays who knows- probably back down to $95,000
    it doesn't have central air- would cost about $10,000 to upgrade the furnace and put in air
    not bad till August , we get awful humidity
    what's Iowa like? we always had cows-growing up - for beef and chickens- (corn feed folk),
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