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    Just stopped by to say hello. How's the doll project coming along? Hugs, MT
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    Hey, guess where I am going Tuesday night??!!? To the AC/DC concert! could not belive that hubby bought tickets! that is so awesome! I will probably be deaf in the moning, but what the heck, how often can you see legends of rock? At least I never get to~ hubby is a HUGE fan of theirs!
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    that would be cool to see the tobstones you thing are unique, I am always looking for that. Sometimes, I too feel bad wehn reading tombstones, especially children or young people, but I also see the dates in the 1800's and wonder who they were, what their life was like, while there probably isn;t family left that goes to "visit". my being there and wondering about them, kinda brings them back, so to speak. I also love alot of the artistic aspects of the tombstones, some are works of art, I saw elabrate carvings on plainer tombstone shapes, 3 dimentional roses, ivy, palm branches, and more. I actually saw tombstones from real recent (past couple of years, which were sad, )but the shape was a flame, one was dark brown and shiny marble type, with the flame shape, a cross carved in it, and a dove .
    I made the broom like the wicked witch of the west, it didn't turn out as smooth as I would have liked, but had to work with it being attached to the pvc frame of the flying witch, so was hard to work with,. but it looks ok. I also resculpted one of my witches, the one I really didn't like, and also the green one didn't like her eyes, changed that area on her, and am going to repaint her,of course the other one too! Hope they turn out ok. I am no Lauriebeast!! I adore her's!
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    Hi Hallo, finally went and walked a couple of the cemeteries I wanted to, they were beautiful, not as fancy as the one I was already at, but the grounds of one were so pretty, lots of hills and trees, , got a work out walking up some of the hills to take pics of a stone that caught my eye, the 2nd one as similar, just not a big that one was a catholic cemetery, so was pretty, I expected more statues there, but there wasn't. , I will try to get pics posted some time, I went alone and wandered, it was actually cooler there, so peaceful. The earlies graves were from the 1850's .
    I got the raffia to make the wicked witch broom. will go and look at RRguys pics after here, an am going to try to work on it today, plus need to finish the heads. I might make a corpse on a "spit" like at a fire ,using the blucky, does that sound too gross? maybe make a fire too, we'll see. then need to figure out if I can "turn " it, that might be too beyond me, but could send a rotisserie motor and let them figure it out them selves! Does that sound like a good idea?
    I dont' think the guy I had for secret santa liked what I sent, he did like you had happen last year, been on the thread but hasn't said what he got,. I know he probably wanted out door stuff , but don't do that for christmas, I feel bad, I hope he isn't disppointed! I did sent him santa claus cookies and cream curls from my work too! , A old fashioned santa and made 3 ornaments. He is younger than I thought, but his pics and visitor page didn't have much except his out door christmas lights, I should of given my self a woman, easier, but wanted to be fair and just randomly draw names, oh well, did the best I could. I just feel bad!
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    You got me. You may be right. I'm glad I got the palm turned the right way.
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    thanks for accepting and sharing that! That is what we were trying to tap into, this seemlying common fear people had/have of what is under the stairs! cheers!
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    also, thanks for the picture comments, my corpse aint too bad for a first try and a cheap blucky! I also thought of doing something like that for my reaper, what ya think?
    Yeah iI do need to up dat the pics, I actually need to fix his body , it wasn't big enough under the clothes, need to fatten him up a bit!
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    Hi Hallo, that is the funniest thing, the player guy. Yea, I don't think players stop with age, they just change where they play!
    I am hoping to get to walk a cemetery today, I am not sure, it never seems to work out, but , wll, am gona try, I need to clean the tank my turtle is in first though, am procratinating by being here though. I will try to finish the heads today, the vulture is made with feathers, maybe 8 inches tall or so, maybe not that much, But am not sure if he iwll be ok outside or not, so don';t know if I should get another one after i take the one back! oh well, can always get it later, too they had alot of them well, have a good day!
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