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  1. Yup. It breaks down into 8 x 10 foot or smaller flat sections and a few 10 foot long cardboard tube or pvc masts. Light weight, and I break it down and store it in the garage each year.
  2. I could make bits and pieces throughout the year. I have to up my game. Is it possible to do it in sections for storage and building purposes?
  3. I took it slow so spent several months on the ship, and have added details each year. If you were on a schedule you could do it in a couple of months easy. Rain and wind are a real concern--anything over 10 mph and the styro is in danger of ripping...and rain can soak into the foam like a giant sponge...we've been lucky the past years with great weather so it's all worked out fine-- but the forecast makes or breaks the decision to put it up each year.
  4. How long did it take to make your ship? Also I live in KY and it rains sometimes would the rain hurt the foam board you think? I really want to make your ship.
  5. Happy Holidays!
  6. Thanks for the nice comment on the picture. I haven't done a tutorial on the ship but I did make one for the cannons:
    The ship is made from 8 x 4 sheets of 1/2" inch foamboard--runs about $9 a sheet at big box stores. I use an old soldering iron to score 'planks' and make wood grain, fit several of the sheet together, and fasten it all to a light wood frame that I built to fit to my house (I keep meaning to take pictures of the frame). The sheets are then snugged together with zip ties, and then foam board 'trim' is attached to give it a finished look. The deadeys and channel (all that rigging stuff) is foam too. Mine are nice but Favriks are incredible. From your pics it look like you've already got a cool mast (nice use of a basketball post!!). The whole thing is painted flat black(takes a lot of paint!) and then dry brushed with white, some brown, and some green in places. It is a total rip off from Affine's incredible ship from a few years back. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have if you want to try this. It is a lot of fun.
  7. Thank you so much Gumba for the comments! Your haunt is amazing
  8. pressure is good, keeps you sharp. I'm sure it'll come out well.
  9. I have two masks for his face one is the silver weapon mask and the other is his actual mask. I am having a friend of mine make latex dreads and I am going to attach it all somehow on his face! I am freaking out though because I waited to long to do the tiny details and Halloween is approaching fast! Thanks for your comments I appreciate it
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