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Halloween 2010

  1. Fortune telling skeletons. "You probably should have come to me sooner."
  2. The LIST!
  3. Played with the lighting - still needs work.
  4. The secret witch's brew ingredient? Croutons.
  5. A trio of witches
  6. Guess who underestimated how long it takes to carve tombstones? Oy!
  7. There's a ghost around here somewhere. I can feel it!
  8. Bat Crossing sign from the Zoo. Wish they had gone with "X-ING" But I guess vampires hate crosses.
  9. Dracula and the Bride of build-a-bear (actually at the zoo.)
  10. Build-a-bear-esque monsters. Maybe Dr. Frankenstien shoulda gone this route.
  11. skull
  12. skull
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