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    hey, I'm catholic, what you say? joking. I'm not catholic. right now I go to a quaker church. but I'm not really quaker. slap me and I will prove it. lol. I don't really have a religion, I just believe in God. so if they make churches of gold, what keeps people from stealing the gold? I'm poor, I would be tempted. lol. maybe some day I will visit mexico. I would love to see the churches, and museums. my daughter went to mexico once. she said I would love it.
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    oh yeah, I've heard of people being buried alive like that before. they use to bury them with a string attached to a bell so they could ring the bell if that happened. that would be pretty freaky to see a bell ring. or to be buried that way. Alfred Hitchcock wrote some pretty scary stories that way. pretty disturbing stories. I can see where it would bother you as a child. i'll look forward to seeing that church on a pyramid. that sounds pretty interesting. we went to new mexico one year. there was a church there, it was so small, but it was the prettiest church I ever saw in my life. so ornate. all the statues were 3 to 4 feet tall. they were carved by a local guy. they were awesome.
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    snow is horrible. I envy your perfect weather in mexico city. I always thought phoenix was supposed to be pretty decent weather. I've never been there though. i'll look forward to the postcard. I love museums. those museums sound nice. I've heard of puebla. in the western movies. oh, the volcano would scare me. that pyramid would be very interesting to see. how come it's built on top of a pyramid? I can't quite picture that. very interesting. in the one where the people were accidentally buried alive, how did that happen? was it like quick sand area?
    sorry to hear your Halloween was short too.
    my grandchildren are all doing fine. the oldest is 18. he works at a care center as a cook/dietary aide, and he works at his step grandfathers gas station. the oldest granddaughter is 9 and the youngest 7. my daughter graduated from collage and works in payroll at the local hospital. she just bought her first house. she got one real reasonable by watching the foreclosure listings. so all is good here.
    do you collect post cards? would you like me to send one from here?
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    that is great you're in a film school. that sounds right up your ally. that's okay you didn't do much for Halloween this year. I didn't do my haunt either. the plans were laid out, but short time and cash. hope to do it this year. what does la llorona mean? texas chainsaw movie scared the crap out of me. don't know if I would make it through that maze. the rest of the mazes sound cool though. we go to a spooky world here. it is fantastic. your lily prop sounds cool. i'll have to google her. I bought a new prop too. a werewolf from granden road. I love their props. they have real decent sells and props. you ought to check them out. if interested, you could have it shipped to Arizona and pick it up there. they have good sales and free shipping if you watch. your jack o lanterns sound nice. nothing says Halloween like lots of pumpkins. hey, I will do even better than cross my fingers on your book, I will put in a good word with the big guy. $20,000.00 would be heaven sent. march is coming up. oh, a Mexican post card would be awesome. we have lots of cold and snow right now. no fun. looking forward to summer. it was a nice surprise to hear from you. sometime I will have to tell you a long story about the texas chainsaw adventure.
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    hey, you never did post your video. must of got busy huh. so how you doing? did you do your haunt this year? still in collage? how's the family? hope all is great with you. married? got kids?
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    i'm going to enjoy seeing your video.
    man, 5 years, long time. happy fifth anniversary.
    the thrashing clown. is he sold by spirit? we went to a spirit lately, and they had 3 cool clowns. we only got to see 2 work. hey all 3 looked good though.
    i'm always excited for Halloween too. this year i'm going to try to charge. just $2.00. hope to make enough to at least pay for the electricity I use. got lots of decorating yet to do. my vampire room is done. my daughter needs to do a little in the witch room yet. and I've started the grim reaper hallway. my grandson has the ghost room started, well he has about half way. and my daughter needs to do the spider room. i'm doing it in my building I own in the next town over. it's real small rooms. but it will work.
    naw, 16 isn't to old to tot. I hope he has fun.
    your facebook comment made me laugh.
    thanks for the thought, it was nice. and I hear you on shipping costs.
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    sounds great. I hope you video tape like in the past. you have some seriously cool props. how old are you now? I know you were young when you first came on this forum. will your brother be helping this year? that is great you can get some free time to decorate. good luck amigo
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    to me mine swings properly. maybe you should if you can, check out a different one. if you're not happy with that one don't get it. but at least you will have had 2 to decide by. my grandson is 17. he's been in my haunt since he was 2. he was die hard. when he turned 9, we moved to the next town over. I wasn't going to do the haunt, because I didn't know anyone to ask to be in it. he told me he would get some friends to do it. sure enough, he got 9 of his friends to help. I had 9 little nine year old spooks. they did great. when he turned 14, he didn't want to do it anymore. 2 of his friends, and 1 friends brother came by and helped that year. now that he's 17, he says he wants to do it again. yeah. he has a real nice girlfriend of about a year now, who is going to help as well. and there will be my daughter.
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    we got her hung for just a short time. she is very creepy. her head turns from side to side, her eyes light up, she sings in a creepy voice, and she swings. she is so creepy. it calls her a zombie girl, but we think she will be perfect for a ghost girl. i'll try to get you a video.
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    I haven't taken it out of the box yet. but here's a picture of it in the box.
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