Ghost of Spookie's Album: Halloween Store Items 2017
Hello there, is this your first visit?

Halloween Store Items 2017

Things I've bought or found in stores for halloween use.
  1. HOME DEPOT, 2017.   Color tagging my solid colored LED spots with electrical tape for storage and easy storage and retrieval down the road. Will toss...
  2. HOME DEPOT, 2017.  Home Depot has a nice 6 color pack of electrical tape. Only a couple of bucks. The electric tape will hold up to wet conditions.
  3. HOME DEPOT, 2017.   Items on clearance.
  4. HOME DEPOT, 2017.   Gemmy Lightshow countdown projector.
  5. HOME DEPOT, 2017.  Gemmy Lightshow Kaleidoscope AppLight. Surprised at how large the bulb cover was.
  6. HOME DEPOT, 2017.   Home Depot's Home Accent Holiday spots--made by Gemmy for their branding. Found them in Multicolored, Green, Blue and Purple.
  7. HOME DEPOT, 2017.  Bought the blue so this was what was left. Good deal.
  8. HOME DEPOT, 2017.   WindowFX projector mounted onto full-size tripod (Velbon D-57). Needed to unscrew the threaded middle front foot of the unit and...
  9. HOME DEPOT, 2017.  Stopped in a local store and found this stack of 50% off WindowFX machines. 34.50 now.
  10. HOME DEPOT, 2017.  Still some xmas holiday savings on Gemmy Lightshow lighting at 75% off.
  11. HOME DEPOT, 2017.  This store I was in had about a half dozen of the Gemmy Lightshow Countdown projectors at 75% off. Figure I can use for halloween...
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