Ghost of Spookie's Album: Halloween Store Items 2017
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Halloween Store Items 2017

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Things I've bought or found in stores for halloween use.
  1. TheCount Arrival, 2017. Bought Gag Studio's The Count off an eBay seller. Been wanting this guy for years. Tall Box!  20 x 22 x 44-1/2 inches. Very...
  2. TheCount Arrival, 2017.  Shipped UPS and well marked. Box came through shipping just fine.
  3. TheCount Arrival, 2017.   Example of labeling.
  4. TheCount Arrival, 2017.  Well protected.
  5. TheCount Arrival, 2017.  The Count comes in 2 body pieces and each piece is individually wrapped well.
  6. MICHAELS, 2017.  Cepholoid Mask with Gemmy turquoise Lightshow projection spotlight on it.
  7. MICHAELS, 2017.  Gemmy LED Lightshow turquoise spot light in dimly lit room.
  8. MICHAELS, 2017.  Another view.
  9. MICHAELS, 2017.   Gemmy LED Lightshow projection and screw-in bulb style on sale this week 40% off.  Kaleidoscope style.
  10. MICHAELS, 2017.   Also on sale are the "filament" style bulbs.
  11. MICHAELS, 2017.  Found various mini stamp sets in the $1 bin area. Some with upper and lower case lettering. More styles than what is shown.
  12. MICHAELS, 2017.   Also in the $1 bin area are these metal skeleton keys. Good weight.
  13. MICHAELS, 2017.   Close up of the Lightshow kaleidoscope projector spot light in turquoise. Believe this is new and thought it would be good for...
  14. Design Toscano's Horus Bust. Hoping to find this year at ROSS DRESS FOR LESS. They had the companion Anubis last year.
  15. ROSS DRESS FOR LESS, 2017.  Looks like the "Egyptian artifacts" are starting to arrive. This lady is 19.99 and appears to be a companion piece to the...
  16. ROSS DRESS FOR LESS, 2017.  Saw these book boxes in 2 sizes in the decor area. All on clearance for 6.49 sm, 8.49 large. Screamed out perfect for a...
  17. ROSS DRESS FOR LESS, 2017.  Here's the small box with a Vampire Hunter Kit I already had (stake and mallet). Still need some holy water vial and...
  18. ROSS DRESS FOR LESS, 2017.   Polystone lightweight angel. Nice for cemetery stones. Nice size, 12.99.
  19. SAFEWAY GROCERY, 2017.   Death Wish Coffee. Came in ground, whole bean and pods.
  20. ROSS, 2017.  Saw these in my store today.
  21. HOME DEPOT, 2017.   Color tagging my solid colored LED spots with electrical tape for storage and easy storage and retrieval down the road. Will toss...
  22. HOME DEPOT, 2017.  Home Depot has a nice 6 color pack of electrical tape. Only a couple of bucks. The electric tape will hold up to wet conditions.
  23. HOME DEPOT, 2017.   Items on clearance.
  24. HOME DEPOT, 2017.   Gemmy Lightshow countdown projector.
  25. HOME DEPOT, 2017.  Gemmy Lightshow Kaleidoscope AppLight. Surprised at how large the bulb cover was.
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