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  1. Not yet, we actually project from my son's bedroom, he leaves today for Kelowna so we plan on testing the projector this weekend!! I can't wait! I will let you know how it turns out! We are trying a different projector, a cheap one so we need to see how it looks form street. If not good we will buy a new one. Last few years we have been using my hubbies work projector, but he changed jobs in December so we don't have the really good one now.
  2. Hey,
    Did you try the mp4's to make sure they worked ok?
  3. Summer is the busiest time of the year with lacrosse and soccer going full steam. Loving your new work from afar. Keep it up so we can continue to copy.

    How are things?
  4. Thanks David!!!

    How's your summer going?
  5. Assuming you don't mind...your technique will be copied. It looks like a fun project I can do with my daughter. She LOVED doing the baby in a jar last year so I am confident she will love doing these too,

  6. Hey David!! Thanks for the nice comments!! It is numerous layers of paint, I started with a light grey base, it had a a blueish tone to it. Then I "tea stained" them with black watered down paint, I make the stain with quite a bit of black paint so I don't have to do as many passes. Like probably 1 to 3 ratio of black acrylic paint and water. I applied 3 coats of the black tea stain, this is a good outside project because they dry a lot faster. After tea staining I very lightly dry brush on some crab apple green paint, in just a few spots and for the final coat I dry brush on the same light grey base paint I started with.
  7. I did get the message....sorry missed responding.. you are welcome.
  8. Hey David, not sure if you got my PM, I sent it last week, but thank you so much for the teeth!! Love em'!

  9. Happy Easter David!!

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