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  1. Thanks David, I didn't really think about posting it on HF? I have on my FB page, and I will on our web page when it is finished (redoing parts of it right now). It was a lot of fun to do, Hugh thought he sounded dorky, but I didn't think so???
  2. Hey.....you going to brag or not. (you deserve too) ...I didn't see you posy anything,

  3. Thanks David, how are things?
  4. Nice looking bottles.
  5. Tell her I am very flattered, I think that is awesome! If you have questions let me know happy to help! I have some doll parts around, I will be happy to contribute some?!

    Your pictures are so good, the details are very good, lighting is also on point! Very nice work, I love aghe cluttered cemetery the more stuff the better, gives it depth! You didn't need your neighbours after all!
  6. My daughter wants to replicate your dollar parts cabinet in 2016.
  7. Haha WTH was I thinking? I must be more diligent with my notifications! More coming, have to edit them though! I will tell you when I do this time. I have to start editing video footage as well.

    How are things?
  8. No notice yesterday that you added photos????? Worst thing is I have to wait till later tonight to view them. For the sake of our friendship you better add more...

    As quoted October 26th

    "You are kidding me right...I come to your page to see all that is super cool and you only have three 2015 pictures for me to browse through?????? Just kidding. I hope things are going well, and I look forward to seeing everything afterward when you have time to load some images.
    Wish you the best on Saturday."
  9. Enjoying your photo in the 2015 Haunt Calendar.
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