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Madman Marrows Mania

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A myriad deviancies of the flesh.......
  1. Behold..The Phantom !!!!
  2. actual vintage wooden coffin prop
  3. oddities from abroad
  4. Left overs from last years party !!!!
  5. mannequins at play
  6. Lind Blair "Exorcist" prop
  7. Cemetery entrances stolen from Halloween City in Austin for a mere $40 becaue of a little damage that was easily repairable !!!!!!! While in Austin...
  8. Garage sale find, $20 !!!!!!!Also the guy having the sale threw in some tombstones for free !!!!
  9. Macabre wall plaque. Made from a 1940's New Orleans anitque plaque, and a real human skull
  10. My new "toe pincher" coffin book case !
  11. My sister works at a local mental institution as their head PR, and editor of their newpaper publication, and  sheis always finding the most amazing...
  12. I killed a copperhead this morning while watering my garden, now he is pickled safely inside my crystal skull vodka bottle along with all of my other...
  13. Athena, the embalmed Rat.........just one of my many macabre hobbies.............
  14. autopsy candy dish !!!!
  15. nature death doll
  16. crucified female
  17. body pile
  18. body pile
  19. autopsy
  20. dinner is served
  21. brain damage kiss
  22. Casketed dead
  23. tortured baby
  24. Brain Damage 2
  25. Game of Death
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