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Hello there, is this your first visit?

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  1. Hiya Kiddo,
    Well I'm still hanging in there with this illness but I'm doing ok. This last Halloween was a dream come through. The local newspaper in Lexington ran a picture 2 weeks before Halloween & then the day before Halloween they did a full page write up about us. Man I was thrilled. We had a little over 800 people. Wow were we pooped! Hard to tell how many will come this year but we will be ready!! Good to hear from you.
  2. Hey dippedstix....thank you for the shout! Not gettin any better but hanging in there. Gonna try real hard to get it all up again! Hope your family is doing well.
  3. Hey Muffy- what'cha been up to? Haven't seen you around in a long while! Of course I haven't been here much either until that last month or so. What's up for Halloween this yr?
  4. Hey muffy!! I wish it wasn't going ot be so COLD tomorrow!!! Oh well...we'll have to deal with it, won't we? I am pooped...making lots of treats today. I am looking forward to a glass of wine and a shower later! I can't wait to see your photos!!! Have fun this "Halloween weekend"!
  5. Hope you have a wonderful party tommorrow....makes sure you take pictures for us!
  6. Hi dippedstix.........the haunting season is upon us!!!! Thanks for the shout, as usual I been in the coffin most of this year w/ this illness but I'm coming out now. Boy there is a lot of new exciting! Glad to hear from you as I am sure you are already in planning mode! See you on the forum!

    the Muffster
  7. Hey Muffy- you still out there? How are things going?
  8. I don't know where you're getting the energy from but am glad for the extra $$. Didn't realize you were going to FL next week. How exciting!
  9. Hi dippedstix........yup I'm moving along.......I'd be doing ok if I didn't have these big candy orders from the accts. but oh the extra $$$$$ is gonna be nice for the Florida trip next week. I'm gonna have time to make the chocolates for the adults coffins but am not gonna have time to do the molded stuff for the kids bags so I'm just gonna buy candy from the store. Decorations wise...we are moving along! Have a good time at your party Sat. ! & take lots of pictures for all of us to enjoy!!
  10. Hey Muffy- just checking in.
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