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  1. Hey Bridgette, Didn't really buy anything yesterday, dang it. lol. Gardenridge had a bunch of halloween inflatables and a couple of inside stuff. (I don't decorate the inside). But there was a plastic throbbing heart thingy, and the bowl with the moving hand that for some reason always scares me, then makes me laugh. Michael's had alot of fall flowers and indoor decor, i.e. sparkly skulls, mugs, etc..., got 3 crows there; and old Time Pottery had more fall flowers, ceramic pumpkins, but they had some string lighting- eyeballs that changed colors, etc. I found some LED landscape lighting on clearance at Walmart that I have been wanting. going to use it year-round in the yard; for spotlights in my cemetery in Oct, and for Christmas too. Overall, I'd said it was a waste of gas, but I had a good time looking at it all! . hopefully, more will be out in the next 2-3 weeks. My daughter had a blast. She's buying alot of the school supplies for her students and Walmart had stuff dirt cheap; glue 25 cents; 24 pack Crayola crayons- 25 cents; pencil holders 62 cents; 1 subject spiral notebooks 15 cents, etc.. she got a stool at Gardenrige for 7.50, normally 39.99. Gardenridge has gotten nasty, tho. had about 4 kazillion purses, on sale 50%off. just doesn't seem right to have purses in that store.
    I have been making my 'boarded windows' for about a month; it's my never- ending project. lol. I'm making them out of 1" foam. when I painted them, I covered too much of the grain, so now i am having to re-detail them. GRR takes about 10-15 minutes to re-detail one, and I have to do about 140 of them. Grrrr, Grrrrr. LOL
    oh yeah, Hobby Lobby & Old Time Pottery have a little Christmas stuff out. Old Time looks like they drug out last year's stuff from a wet basement.
    glad you got some sleep, finally. that is too funny!! LOL
    hope you have a good day!!
  2. just p.m.'ed you
  3. love your avatar!!! i had a lot more sites, but unfortunately deleted most because my computer was giving me problems, so i thought i would clean house. it didn't help, tho.
    you're too funny. i have had nights, too, when i couldn't sleep cause my mind was racing with ideas. i should put a pen & paper next to my bed, so i can write them down. there was a thread, not too long ago, about being a 'propaholic'. it was Hilarious! if you have time , you should read it. i haven't progressed to the animated props yet. need hubby to help with that. he's not into halloween like i am. he used to be. when we were stationed in omaha, we lived on base, and would have tons of ToTers. the 1st year we lived here, we had 2. so, he lost the desire. i think he's very slowly getting back into it after watching me make props for the last 5 months. and last year we had a record 14! i believe, if you build it- they will come. and this year, i am going all out.
    you have alot of kids invited to your party!! the tent is a great idea!!! this year i am going to work on lighting mine right, too. 'skullandbones' has a site where they show good ways to do it. i went to Hobby Lobby yesterday. they have Christmas stuff and Fall stuff out. but i got 2 flood light holders, each 6.99. Then I went to the thrift shop and saw 3 for 3.99. Grr, wish i had gone there first. but got those, too. today, me and my daughter are going to Michaels, Gardenridge, and Old Time pottery. don't particularly like Gardenridge anymore; seems like they're changing for the worse.
    what kind of games are you planning for the party?
    glad they got that killer. and glad the tax paying citizens don't have to pay for a trial. boy, they was awfully close to your house!!!!! that's a little freaky!!!
    well, gotta get ready to go shopping!!! Yippee!!! dont' work too hard! LOL !!!!
  4. OMG- you are killing me with this! LOL I got all our messages- sent to the first site you sent me and never made it past there! You've given me lots of good info. I am going to be a pro when it's all over with. Some of these props are very complicated. Are all halloween fans also engineers? LOL Wish I didn't have to work today.
  5. me, again. i'm going to p.m. you some sites that have alot of projects, including making a pvc frame.
  6. Hey! thanx for the compliments on my creepy thing. there's a member on this forum (AuntSissy) who has a pic in her album of the frame like the one of my creepy thing. she has a reaper tho. i like using the pvc and chicken wire; easy to shape and real light-weight. the avatar thing can be found by going to your page, click on 'edit friends list'; on the left is 'setting and options'; click on 'edit avatar'; i used option 2 then hit browse then clicked on one of my pics, then hit save. good luck. hope that's right; not too good at this modern technology stuff. usually my daughter helps me with it all.
    hey, they found and killed the killer!!!
  7. Hi Cathy! My head is spinning from all the party ideas I have in my head. I haven't been this excited about a party in a long time. Seriously, I couldn't sleep last night for thinking about what is going to go where or what I still need to do or buy. It's crazy. I think I have a problem. LOL! I bought a big party tent yesterday in black just so it would match the decor. LOL It's a 10X15 and has the nice walls with windows. I will put all the food under the tent and have banquet tables set up around for people to sit. The guest list is about 30 kids (lord help me LOL) and I'll have some of my friends over as well. I rented black chairs today. Now I need to focus on the lighting and food. I am clueless on the lighting. I've never had a party outdoors at night before so this is a new one for me. I need to check the threads on food and recipes too. That's going to be fun! Everyone will be in costume. BTW- They think they shot the killer in Gastonia NC . Did I mention how close Gastonia is from here? The address where they shot him is exactly 12 miles from my house. Can you believe that?!!
  8. Hey! have you found more ideas for your son's birthday party? this forum has so many creative people. i would've never thought to do the stuff they can do. are the guests coming dressed up for Halloween? about how many kids will be there? sounds like you are having a blast planning for it!!
    my daughter's birthday falls late too; in Nov. But it worked to her benefit. she was always the most mature & focused. and she's still more mature than me. lol
    hope they catch that killer soon. can't believe they haven't yet.
    hope you have a great week!
  9. Congrats to your daughter for graduating from Clemson! We have lots of Clemson fans around here but as you know being so close to NC we have a lot of Tarheel fans too!
    We only have about 5000 people that live here in the Clover city limit but the county is huge and there are tons more within the county (york County). My son will be going into 1st grade- his birthday falls late (obviously October so he's always one of the oldest in the class. He seems so much older than 7 to me. I think he was an old man in his past life. LOL I did hear about the Gaffney killer- WOW, that's only about 40 miles from here!!! That is so crazy. I hope they catch him fast!!! I just can't imagine having someone like that in my town, you know? How do you sleep at night?
  10. awwwwww, i love hearing moms speaking so well of their children. i feel the same way about mine. she's the best thing that's ever happened to me. i was almost 30 when i had her. when i was younger i never wanted kids. then one day i got in the mood, and (bam) must've gotten pregnant that night. lol my life was changed forever. never knew i could love someone so much. she graduated from Clemson in May with a degree in special ed and starts teaching this fall at an elementary school about 30 miles north of here. she's still living at home until she gets on her feet. i'd let her live here forever, but i know that's not the way it's supposed to be.
    we live in a subdivision, also. it's a very small town, one stop light. moved here in '99 from Omaha. originally from Augusta but haven't lived there since '75. how small is Clover? I'm glad there are great schools there. what grade is your son in? i bet he loves his birthday parties!!
    have you heard what's going on in Gaffney, with the serial killer? 4 dead, 1 injured in a week. hope they catch that guy quick!
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