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  • jdubbya's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:50 PM
    jdubbya replied to a thread Prop Showcase: Darkness Falls Across My Yard! in Halloween Props
    Very dramatic lighting! The projections look awesome too.
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  • Terra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:44 PM
    Terra replied to a thread Static: Fake metal box in Halloween Props
    I've used Monster Mud to help change up the texture of plywood: A link to that tutorial: http://www.halloweenforum.com/blogs/terra/892-painting-faux-metal-tutorial.html Also have made some sturdy metal-like items using cardboard:
    10 replies | 178 view(s)
  • xxScorpion64xx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:18 PM
    xxScorpion64xx replied to a thread Prop Showcase: My 50cent columns in Halloween Props
    Wow, nice job for the budget
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  • xxScorpion64xx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:14 PM
    xxScorpion64xx replied to a thread Electronic/Software: this is awesome in Halloween Props
    If I had disposable income I would get it
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  • xxScorpion64xx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:34 PM
    xxScorpion64xx replied to a thread Static: My First Corpsed Skelly in Halloween Props
    Looking real good so far, please post final results
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  • DaveintheGrave's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:27 PM
    Your set-up really looks great! I like the arrangement of the cemetery.
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  • DaveintheGrave's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:22 PM
    Wow, that's a really cool prop! That would scare the heck out of me.
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  • DaveintheGrave's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:21 PM
    Terrific looking ghosts! What are they made of? Clear plastic sheets? Very original!
    10 replies | 256 view(s)
  • killerhaunts's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:29 PM
    I don't even think that Grant coming back would bring me back to the show. I loved the show in the beginning because they helped people understand that most things people experience in their homes are not paranormal. When they stopped doing people's homes to help them and just kept doing "already known haunted places" that really made me mistrust them. Everything had to be really clear and obvious in their early seasons. Later - every bump or squeak was a "ghost"! I know you all love them but...
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  • killerhaunts's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:24 PM
    I don't see why anyone has to bash this. It doesn't hurt you, does it? Hardly anyone even reads the wrappers before opening and eating the candy, let alone take time to read the scriptures on the back if they don't want to. What if this was rainbow wrapper with "=" sign on it? Would you still say the same thing? If you hate those that hate or do not understand what you like, are you not the same? Be a haunter :) not a hater.
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  • Terra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:31 AM
    Terra added 2 photo(s) to album Miscellaneous Pictures VI
  • Terra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:21 AM
    Glad you like the Lazy Susan idea. On the head one I had installed a long, thick screw in the center of it and her head is on it like a spike. Later on I needed a base for a horse's head that had PVC for a skeleton and so that's why you also see the two PVC bases. Those easily screw on or off. For the full sized one there is a metal pipe threaded base and the dummy has a metal pipe as a spine. So, she just threads on or off. Hopefully you see that in this picture of the two bases in storage:
    6 replies | 238 view(s)
  • xxScorpion64xx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:55 AM
    Went to this haunted house last Friday, my daughter won tickets. I hardly ever go to haunted houses during this time being that I'm always doing something in my own haunt display but this was the best I've been to. It has actual historical background and I doubt any other haunted house can compete with the actual house itself. Here is a pic, not too crazy of the movie being projected unto house but it is an awesome house and awesome scare
    0 replies | 77 view(s)
  • xxScorpion64xx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:20 AM
    Hey ST, thanks for visiting my album, it's really simple to build and the cost could vary depending on how you go about it. It's pvc, so you are going to need 8 elbows,4 top,4 bottom, and several lengths of pvc for bottom base and top base and of course for the vertical bars, how much pvc u use for vertical bars depends how far apart you space them, you will need a spade drill bit to drill the holes where the bars are going to slip into bottom base and top base. And finally, paint, I used spray...
  • Chaserbug's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:42 AM
    I've also noticed that the demo items look a lot different and nicer than what you are buying. The original one I bought was pretty much one color the demo one was painted up with a lot more detail. So what you see in the store most times is not what you are buying. The ole bait and switch.
    40 replies | 1073 view(s)
  • Chaserbug's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:28 AM
    Even at half off the item was still not cheap, I don't have $50 to throw away on something that doesn't even work and I wouldn't of if I knew about this "all sales final" **** in advance!. Also the damn store is not even open that long so you could not return it if you wanted to. I do expect a company to replace something if it still new right out of the box and does not work. Part of the reason I took it back is that I see on here how many other people have stuff that breaks from them and...
    40 replies | 1073 view(s)
  • Terra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:24 AM
    Oh my - that's just terrible. Have you notified Groupon?
    13 replies | 621 view(s)
  • Terra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:20 AM
    Well, I dunno if Fright Props would not admit they had a problem. I find they are really helpful in trouble-shooting. Couple of years ago I had a faulty regulator - they sent me another one and that one was faulty. After we talked they realized they had gotten a whole batch of faulty regulators and got me a working one from a different batch quickly. They were great through that whole situation.
    28 replies | 447 view(s)
  • Terra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:41 AM
    Great idea for a thread - that umbrella frame stand is brilliant and the PVC painting one as well. Here's my two: There is a Lazy Susan on that head stand which allows me to turn the head as needed. You can also make them bigger to hold an entire prop dummy:
    6 replies | 238 view(s)
  • xxScorpion64xx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:01 AM
    I made this to brush paint my pvc spindles for cemetery fence, I thought it would speed up the painting and keep my hands clean and keep finger smudges off the paint job, you hold the two ends and just carry and set down
    6 replies | 238 view(s)
  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    10-20-2014, 07:47 PM
  • Dark_Designer's Avatar
    10-20-2014, 06:50 PM
    Dark_Designer replied to a thread Prop Showcase: Black Swamp Cemetery 2014 in Halloween Props
    Looks great. Love the coffins!
    20 replies | 580 view(s)
  • DaveintheGrave's Avatar
    10-20-2014, 05:51 PM
    Well, at least that's truth in advertising. It says right on the box: BROKEN Spine Girl. JK :) I just try to avoid the $pirit Halloween $uper$tore. I'm sorry so many of you members here have gotten stuck with inferior merchandise from $pirit over the years. That's why I love building my own props. If it breaks, I know exactly how to fix it. But I know if you're not artistically or mechanically inclined, buying from $pirit is one of the few options available.
    40 replies | 1073 view(s)
  • DaveintheGrave's Avatar
    10-20-2014, 05:40 PM
    DaveintheGrave replied to a thread Prop Showcase: Black Swamp Cemetery 2014 in Halloween Props
    Your haunt looks amazing! I love your tombstones and your creep is one of the best I've seen. Great set-up!
    20 replies | 580 view(s)
  • DaveintheGrave's Avatar
    10-20-2014, 05:34 PM
    DaveintheGrave replied to a thread Static: Inflatable Mannequins in Halloween Props
    Don't forget the patch kit ! :) Don't want your zombies lying down on the job.
    6 replies | 221 view(s)
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    Started my cut list today... prob should have thought to mark my pieces before I got half way through I didnt think it would be too bad but six kits leave me with a pile of pieces. Oh well>>>
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    hope your having a good labor day weekend
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    thanks buddy.
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    Just wanted to say thanks for letting me "borrow" your design.
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    hi Diabolik. hey was going thru the boris hacks and saw your post for the spider boris scare. Do you still have the video. Would love to see it. looks awesome. thank you
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    Happy Easter, erveryone!

    (How I see my girls on Easter morning.)
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    my son got a hold of two of my spider joints for his physics class. i had an idea to use them to animate a prop. they have done some modifications to them to animate them. i don't know exactly what they have done, but they have hooked them up to a wiper motor (my idea) and they have been running it non-stop for over a week now. according to my son, so far there is no damage to the joint. they are supposed to give me their results Apr 7. i hope they took pictures! i'll let you know if and when i know. you know how kids are... HM
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