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  • Deadna's Avatar
    07-26-2014, 07:59 PM
    Deadna replied to a thread Dollar Tree 2014 in General Halloween
    Found this at Dollar Tree. It's a computer game of slots and there is a halloween one! You can see the skinny Jason in the background :) http://www.halloweenforum.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=204984&d=1406433229
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  • Deadna's Avatar
    07-23-2014, 12:35 AM
    Deadna replied to a thread The Purge 2 in Horror Discussion
    They have turned me off from wanting to see it by airing the commercials over and over and over and it doesn't look near as good as the first.
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  • Deadna's Avatar
    07-23-2014, 12:31 AM
    I watch it....love anything supernatural and this show is great!
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  • Deadna's Avatar
    07-21-2014, 09:41 PM
    Deadna replied to a thread Dollar Tree 2014 in General Halloween
    Did you click on them and read the description? I could have sworn it said they have a removable cork so you can fill them with your own "potions" I would go check again but I'm on dialup and it takes forever to get thru their site.
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  • Deadna's Avatar
    07-16-2014, 08:21 PM
    What ep is the black-eye pic from? During the recent WD specials Norman is talking in a chair and has a black eye. I assumed it was from the gang beatdown last season but now here he is with a gag in his mouth and the same black eye and that didn't happen in the ep I'm thinking of.
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  • Deadna's Avatar
    07-15-2014, 08:19 PM
    This comes up every once in awhile but if you need a pic bigger just put your cursor over the pic and hold down "Ctrl" and scroll up OR that steampunk looking cog in the top right corner of your computer screen has screen enlargers you can click on :) Hallow(and others) great job on all the projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Deadna's Avatar
    07-10-2014, 10:30 PM
    A friend brought us a gnarly gator claw back scratcher last week from a trip down south. I'm not sure if it's real or not because it feels like hard plastic. It disgusts me to no end when an animal is killed for something so stupid so I'm hoping it's fake. I intend to glue an eyeball in the center and add a creepier stick to it to make a swamp witches staff.
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  • Deadna's Avatar
    07-06-2014, 08:27 PM
    Deadna replied to a thread Static: Carnival prop help in Halloween Props
    I've seen popcorn made from styro packing peanuts lightly painted yellow for a buttery effect and cotton candy is spiderwebbing.
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  • Deadna's Avatar
    07-04-2014, 03:34 PM
    Found this at yardsales. The waterfall may come in handy for a pouring bucket of blood. The lady said a light behind it looks great so maybe a red bulb will work. The head badly needs a trim but I had never seen a male one before so I couldn't pass it up. The bag of beads are red and black mardi gras necklaces.
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  • Deadna's Avatar
    07-02-2014, 09:26 PM
    The xmas stuff is out earlier for the crafters to get the bazaar stuff made to sell in nov/dec I have heard. I'm curious how many of the pumpkin signs I spotted in someone's pic that has all the mention of god on it sells. Can't say I've ever seen anyone display something like that before but then I stay far away from churches/religion :)
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  • Deadna's Avatar
    07-02-2014, 08:58 PM
    Deadna replied to a thread Electronic/Software: Harbor freight PIR in Halloween Props
    Mine uses a 9v for the sensor that goes outside. It last a long time but during a heavy rain it tends to quit. I put tape over the back to keep it dry,otherwise I just open it up and wipe it dry and insert a new battery.
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  • Deadna's Avatar
    07-01-2014, 09:14 PM
    UGH!!! I made the mistake of typing "halloween" in their search box and saw ALL the awesome designs they have for the checks and now I can't make a decision :( There are witches,blackcats,jackolanterns,halloweenhotties,moviemonsters,gothic...etc.....
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  • Deadna's Avatar
    06-27-2014, 09:16 PM
    Hallo, I know you don't like to destroy dolls but you could glue faces of them to a board and sort of recreate your plaque. Spray the whole thing white or better yet cover it with a texture paint to look like stone.
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