Cwikhart's Album: Cwikhart Hollow - Pirate Theme 2016
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Cwikhart Hollow - Pirate Theme 2016

  1. ch1
  2. ch2
  3. daylight test
  4. lighting test1
  5. lighting test2
  6. Frame for the back of the ship. Using all scrap and warped wood.
  7. Caption
  8. Back of ship almost complete (just need to stain and embelish. Frame of font is up!
  9. Abercombie and Fitch eating cookies.
  10. This is part of the sign for our pirate bar. Rogues Red Tavern.
  11. Paper mache over PVC
  12. Paper clay over the mache layer to build out shape
  13. Almost done. Just need wheels, and canon balls
  14. Work in progress. (Hula hoop, pipe insulation, dowels, floral foam and a metric ton of paper mache)
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