curiosity killed the fox's Album: work in progres
Hello there, is this your first visit?

work in progres

lots to do still but heres a sneek peak to the yard
  1. the od painting veronica's vail
  2. jack ad me at work on our new ratship(cage thingy)
  3. the victorian greenhouse..might come in handy around halloween
  4. nother view of the greenhouse
  5. wouhahahaha the front  of the greenhouse...
  6. The nithsdale tomb on facebook..there is a  share and win competition going might take a loock  on the page..and join in
  7. P1240331the way to the mad lab
  8. entrance to the mad lab
  9. the burnt vampire prop dangling from the smithy chains
  10. smithy yard
  11. the court ready for the ripper prop(corpse of victim)
  12. the vampire chapel ...stil needs props and gate  etc etc etc..but getn there
  13. P1240330litl old cros  derilict grave
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