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some of my projects stil working on a few..questions on how i do things and so on are welcome..stil learning also
  1. the nithsdale tomb corpses
  2. gathering of skulls in the nithsdale tomb
  3. the libary
  4. the vixens close
  5. webbing  in the vixens close
  6. ancestral cross in the front yard
  7. the angel of death landed a the nithsdale tomb
  8. vixen'sclose entrance guarded
  9. one of the undead in the frontyard
  10. welcome to the nithsdale tomb
  11. mother in the frontyard.i like her for some reason
  12. redid a couple of old fellows with new heads.. more to come folks ..hope you al have a fab one this year
  13. the yard at the nithsdale close with the gibbet....gonna hang it higher
  14. closer view of the gibbet with  self made ..skeleton corpse
  15. yie be warned
  16. think i am getn there ..less is more just some paint toches here and there and then raising it
  17. richard the III the last plantagnet King slain at bosworth field 22august 1485. i made the case ans skull ant did the paintings in and on it..
  18. One of King Richards fatal wounds at the base of the skull.. probably from a halberd or pole ax
  19. Th efront of the skull shows a wound  probably a sword stab from the nose to the upper jaw
  20. Loyalte me lie Richard III  his moto and the kings head..
  21. the vixen close  entranceto the graveyard
  22. vixens close
  23. inside the nithsdale tomb
  24. the nithsdale tomb curiositie shop in vixens close
  25. the autum fairy has arrived..a wee project of mine/hope you like it
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