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  • Terra's Avatar
    Today, 12:55 PM
    'ya know, I was half-thinking of getting one because I don't own her anymore. Once I get the Inflatable Hell Horse it would be a complete (recreated) set. LOL! Here's the picture I think they used: But they didn't include my improvements on her in '12:
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  • BR1MSTON3's Avatar
    Today, 12:45 PM
    You say you are moving into a new house, what a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors, especially if you had it setup like you described with tables to sit and the parents could chat!
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  • Terra's Avatar
    Today, 12:44 PM
    Love these and it would be a fantastic way to quickly give a haunt that industrial look.
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  • BR1MSTON3's Avatar
    Today, 12:29 PM
    So have always liked 360 Vodka and had to try the glazed donut vodka. Mixed it with cran-raspberry and it is like I am drinking a jelly donut! Oh so camping out waiting for a victim!
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  • Terra's Avatar
    Today, 12:12 PM
    Laughed when I saw this. It's so tiny - just 20" tall. Back when I made my version I had somewhat followed Haunted Webby's tutorial. Did a little research and I'm thinking that Castle Blood was the very first one to do the bride draping over design on the stone. Do notice that the lady itself looks a lot like my version of the girl. Must have seen a picture ;)
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 10:57 AM
    Thank you for the heads up!
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  • Dminor's Avatar
    Today, 10:13 AM
    SoCal Valley Haunters will be there as well, teaching a ton of workshops! Get your tickets now: http://scvh.ticketleap.com
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  • Dminor's Avatar
    Today, 10:08 AM
    Grandin Road knocks off another haunter's prop idea... They're shameless.
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  • Nepboard's Avatar
    Today, 09:50 AM
    Its kinda funny. As Halloween ends I start to ask myself how much longer I am going to do it. I absolutely love the setup, the kids, the smells, sounds, friends, and screams. I absolutely hate the hauling and packing up and that's when I start to think about giving it up. The past few years I have tried to stay away from the forum through the winter which, for me, I have found charges me back up. Today is my first real visit since Halloween last year and after a few minutes of surfing I am...
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  • pumpkinpie's Avatar
    Today, 09:44 AM
    Omg frogkid...great find :)
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  • TNBrad's Avatar
    Today, 09:39 AM
    TNBrad replied to a thread Mechanical: Gemmy's Dead Eye Jake - good deal? in Halloween Props
    I have one and I use him, alot for Halloween and Pirate themed events. and the kids like to scare each other with him LOL the only trouble I have had is him springing out of the box at me, guess he is just excited about Halloween too.
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  • Nepboard's Avatar
    Today, 09:36 AM
    I thought I would post an update. This will be year 5 on this setup without one failure of anything. It has been rain and wind for the 3 years (god bless Michigan in the fall) and not one issue. Granted, not as bright as commercial products but minimal cost and rewarding to build. Lots of variations in this TUT by some very smart haunters!
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  • TNBrad's Avatar
    Today, 09:36 AM
    TNBrad replied to a thread Mechanical: Creeping Death in Halloween Props
    OOoo pictures would be awesome too (please)
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  • TNBrad's Avatar
    Today, 09:31 AM
    TNBrad replied to a thread Pneumatic: Winged Demon in Halloween Props
    Man this looks awesome
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  • Nepboard's Avatar
    Today, 09:23 AM
    Nepboard replied to a thread Lighting: Lightning machine questions in Halloween Props
    Sometimes less is more.
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 08:58 AM
    I've melted the bottom of my last jar of Pumpkin Patch right now. Let's have a moment of silence to honor this beautiful scent. ;)
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  • bethene's Avatar
    Today, 08:50 AM
    Ya never know!!!
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 08:48 AM
    Hilda replied to a thread GrandinRoad 2014 in General Halloween
    OK. I'm in with the rest of you. Just like Yankee Candle. I think, in sales lingo... they call this going 'past the close'. In other words, they worked us into a frenzy and just took it too far. So we feel depleted, and we don't buy. The amount of pre-HH hype in the past few years was perfect. This year seemed... 'off'. I've been holding onto a little budget from some blowmolds I sold to buy GR... and I don't see any 'must haves'. I wish I could go back in a time machine and buy...
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  • MummyOf5's Avatar
    Today, 08:08 AM
    I had some trouble with it recently. When I clicked on it it was really slow at updating.
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  • MummyOf5's Avatar
    Today, 08:06 AM
    From the Walking Dead I only have Daryl so far. I have several of the Game of Thrones characters and Captain Jack from POTC. I really want to get Sam and Dean from Supernatural. I know that Hot Topic carries them, they might have the bobble heads too. When you started finding the dogtags I checked every Casey's store in the southwest corner of the state and never did find any, guess I'll check around online and see if I can find them :D I bet your neice had tons of fun filming that episode for...
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 07:42 AM
    oh man bethie, as if you need more stress. pm me how your son is doing. I hope things work out for your daughter. sounds like at least some is working. that's just a start I know. my cat is still young, she just couldn't figure how to get it. I swung at it with my net and caught it, but must have hit it with the wood part. I saw some blood on the net. I didn't mean to hurt it. anyway, he just laid there and didn't move. poor little thing. I put him outside. I kept an eye through...
  • pumpkinpie's Avatar
    Today, 07:26 AM
    Love it!!!! I've seen hot chocolate, grilled hotdogs and even shots handed out in our neighbor hood....but nothing like the beautiful memory you just described. I will definetly have to save this for the future. Hope you decide to go forward and have a successful night :)
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  • bethene's Avatar
    Today, 07:25 AM
    I started to post on my own page , did you get the bat?? How scary! My daughter sold some terrariums at the farmers market, and is signing up for another, also a local store that she has sold to before is going to brain storm to help figure something out, plus they are both looking for jobs, but for now, really stressful.
  • bethene's Avatar
    Today, 07:20 AM
    bethene posted a visitor message on bethene's profile
    Oh no!! Did you catch it??
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 06:51 AM
    here is the front of my werewolf mask................... here is the back of the mask
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 06:26 AM
    oh, and my neice lives in ga. she gets parts on movie sets as an extra a lot. she got to be one of the zombies on the walking dead. she was among a mass of zombies chasing rick. there were so many you can't make her out. but hey, what an experience.
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 06:24 AM
    which pop figures do you have? I only have daryl and rick. the only other one around here is the rv zombie at walmart. I probably will get him, but I won't put him on my dash. my favorite character is also daryl. i'll be so upset if they kill him off. my daughter loves rick. my grandson loves michone and glen. and he likes Maggie a lot. my grandson told me they have bobble head characters out somewhere. when I get my paycheck I will have to check it out. the dog tags were at caseys...
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 06:12 AM
    oh my gosh araniella, I remember. lol
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  • MummyOf5's Avatar
    Today, 06:03 AM
    I actually thought that we were friends already but I noticed that we weren't when I was going thru for the Reaper. Since we're in the same state I figured we should be, right? I have several of the POP! vinyl figures. Daryl is my favorite character from the show. I would love to find some of the dog tags that you were finding a few months ago. What type of figure are your Daryl and Rick?
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 05:57 AM
    yeah, I'm forgetting, when's victim day again? and 100, whoot. then again, there's a lot of new faces, so where's our old die hards? hey, this will be my sixth year. frogkid, pass me one of those candy corn drinks. looks delicious.
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    No problem!
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    I saw your cauldron creep video. Excellent! When I'm ready to do one, you'll have to give me a few pointers!
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    How are things going?! I see you are busy with tombstones. They look great!
    I'm just going to try my first foam projects. Wish me luck.
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Oh you are more than welcome!! I was so busy looking at your decorations that I didn't see you standing there and it startled me. That's kinda funny. I'm sorry I ran off so quick, I was late getting home from running errands and my husband had to get back to work.
    My husband cut out a hole in the bottom of the metal and I put a single c7 cord with a flicker bulb in my lanterns. Or I use LED votives in my other lanterns. Talk to you soon! It was great meeting you!
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    Big Lots had them the past few years and I got some on clearance... but they did not have them this year. Bummer!
    Another good source is the camping section at Walmart. They have ones that look like old hurricane lanterns for around $6 or $7.
    I finally dug out the two for you this weekend. I have them boxed up, ready to go. Sitting here on my table. Can I leave them on your porch with your name on them. Or do you need to be there.
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    I have to admit. I am laughing so hard at the message I just left. This hobby is hilarious.
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    Hey Creeper. I can get you one or two giant empty plastic barrels. You know... the 'hazardous waste' kind. Are you interested?
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