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Conversation Between Crazy Aunt Nancy and Chaserbug

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  1. Did you see the Donna for sale in the "individuals" column? A bit pricey, but he says still in the box. Also, thanks for the heads up on Grandlin Road; never shopped there. Yes, same air of enchantment as "Donna The Dead". I'm tapped for funds, so I'm stuck just looking right now. Keep up the good spirits!!
  2. Check out this item Grandin Road has:

    Reminds me of Donna of the Dead but better! I just ordered it!
  3. Would like to see pics of the Donna you're making. I found a mask I might use to make my own too. Can't find one online anywhere! But I WILL find one! Glad you got your $ back. Good thing you paid with paypal!
  4. No, must have been a scam. PayPal gave me my money back. So I am attempting to build my own Donna; got the latex head, hands, LED eyes, gear motor, nightgown and gear motor. Build her frame already. Now I just have her look like a haunted girl.
    Thanks for asking. How about you. You love Donna too.
  5. Hey did you ever get your Donna?
  6. Hello Chaserbug,
    Just bugging you. Did you ever purchase anything from Sportsspook2011? I did and have yet to hear from him or get my purchase. I think I have been duped. I am going through PayPal resolution center now.
    Just sharing,
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