brees86's Album: Granny's Mansion - 2012
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Granny's Mansion - 2012

Granny's Nightmares
  1. Entrance from the clown room into the claustrophobia room
  2. The catacombs room under lighting
  3. Detail of the catacombs room
  4. The "vortex" hallway. I did this in the 2010 haunt and it was the one effect that people seemed to miss in 2011. The hallway has an American DJ...
  5. More detail of the closet room.  The exit into the next room was concealed behind the clothes on the right.  An actor was hidden behind the clothes...
  6. The closet entrance
  7. Granny's closet.  This was a walk-through room. The door to the next room was hidden behind the clothing on the right as you entered the room.
  8. Entrance into the claustrophobia "squeeze" room.  I made two air bags with ripstop fabric and inflated them with a bounce house blower and some pvc...
  9. The clown room before I added the clowns.  The walls, floor, and ceiling were all painted to look like blue wood panels.  This room was fantastic...
  10. One of Granny's clowns
  11. Inside Granny's mailbox.  This looked really cool in the dark!  The little creature was back-lit with a blue light in the back of the mailbox.
  12. 2012 facade with lighting.  I used a Hallowindows eyeball in the left window. The blurry part is granny rocking in her chair.
  13. 2012 facade with lighting
  14. Layout draft for 2012
  15. Caption
  16. Caption
  17. grannys garden 04s
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