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    Yesterday, 05:21 PM
    Industen replied to a thread Electronic/Software: FrightProps PicoBoo One Problem in Halloween Props
    If you are getting power the second you turn on then switch your NO/NC. Power up by holding the red button. If you use different types of triggers you may need to switch this back. If you tried these and still nothing. Send Travis an email at Quick response.
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    10-14-2016, 06:51 AM
    MrNightmare replied to a thread Pneumatic: Animated Toe Pincher in Halloween Props
    That is really great! I need to start making more props like this...
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    10-11-2016, 12:39 PM
    Thanks! I use Par38 colored LED bulbs. I place them in the landscape lighting fixtures. The middle orange spot light is one of those from spirit halloween. I have been experimenting with the lighting. Here is a pic using LED black lights in the middle: I am not sure which way to go? I might be over thinking it a bit... Here is a pic last year using blue:
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  • MrNightmare's Avatar
    10-11-2016, 10:49 AM
    Started the outdoor lighting: I'll add more in the coming weeks.
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  • Industen's Avatar
    10-07-2016, 03:35 PM
    Industen replied to a thread Electronic/Software: LED Countdown Sign DONE!! Video Inside!!! in Halloween Props
    Thanks! The Advent yard is an interesting idea
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  • MrNightmare's Avatar
    10-07-2016, 06:41 AM
    MrNightmare replied to a thread Lighting: Outdoor black lights - HELP in Halloween Props
    Intellagirl, your props look incredible! Very creepy! Glad to hear the lights worked out for you, great work!
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  • MrNightmare's Avatar
    10-04-2016, 09:07 AM
    MrNightmare replied to a thread Lighting: Outdoor black lights - HELP in Halloween Props
    I am very pleased with them. I bought 1 of the 6W and when I got it, I was so impressed that I bought 3 more. He also has a good return policy. Pros: Weather Proof, compact, plug in ready, WILL illuminate UV reactant items. Cons: Pricey, Does produce a purple light, but against a dark back drop, very minimal. Oddly enough, I originally bought them because I was looking for purple up-lighting for the front of my house. All the purple LEDs availible were too bright and almost pink. I...
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  • MrNightmare's Avatar
    10-04-2016, 06:44 AM
    MrNightmare replied to a thread Lighting: Outdoor black lights - HELP in Halloween Props
    Your welcome! Hope you find a good solution for your lighting.
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  • MrNightmare's Avatar
    10-04-2016, 06:17 AM
    MrNightmare replied to a thread Lighting: Outdoor black lights - HELP in Halloween Props
    Intellagirl, if you want to use CFL blacklights outdoors, might I also suggest using a floodlight holder, then cutting a clear plastic 2 liter bottle and covering both the bulb and fixture. I saw a tutorial on this somewhere but I can't find it.
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  • MrNightmare's Avatar
    10-04-2016, 05:15 AM
    MrNightmare replied to a thread Lighting: Outdoor black lights - HELP in Halloween Props
    I just recently purchased outdoor LED Black lights that are true UV. The guy's website fully explained how they work via a youtube video. When I bought them, he shipped them very fast. As for the product, it was exactly what I wanted and performed excellently. I highly recommend buying from spiderwebman, check out his site for more info:
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  • Industen's Avatar
    10-02-2016, 12:52 PM
    Just buy an adjustable DC voltage board and a timed relay board. Search on eBay. There are many options (digital etc). Wiring is pretty simple just hook the 12v power to the input then adjust it down to the voltage you want. Borrow that voltage and wire it to the relay. If you can find a power supply with the correct voltage then you don't need a voltage board. Ex. Three AA batteries 4.5v. You would then just borrow the voltage from the supply. The board I am using you will have to figure...
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  • Industen's Avatar
    10-02-2016, 09:01 AM
    Easy to wire. Maybe $30 in parts
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  • Industen's Avatar
    10-01-2016, 11:34 PM
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  • Industen's Avatar
    10-01-2016, 06:56 PM
    I just did this with a chainsaw. I soldered a volt adjuster on the battery leads which was 6v. I wired it to a relay and it stops right before the routine ends this allows the next activation to be triggered by a momentary switch or prop controller. The problem with these props is if the routine ends while holding the button down then next activation when powered on it will not work until release and repress. So if you tape the button down and it goes through the entire routine then you must...
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  • Industen's Avatar
    10-01-2016, 04:52 PM
    Industen started a thread Electronic/Software: LED Countdown Sign DONE!! Video Inside!!! in Halloween Props
    Taking a break for this years pneumatics. I need a countdown sign and can't find anything big enough or worth while. I found some spare stuff around and did this. The LED's took the longest. Here is the video:
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  • MrNightmare's Avatar
    09-27-2016, 01:46 PM
    MrNightmare replied to a thread it's here! in General Halloween
    I have to agree that the season is ramping up this last week of Sept! My Wife and I just celebrated our anniversary this past weekend and took a trip to one of our favorite Haunts for their opening night. We started decorating the inside of the house and plan to start the outside late next week. And to add this this, we have been dealing with annoying heat and humidity most of this month here in North TX. However, this past week the weather has been wonderful with highs in the 80s and crisp...
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  • MrNightmare's Avatar
    09-26-2016, 05:18 AM
    Decorating the inside of the house this week and should be done by Friday. Out Haunt is ready to go, but it depends on the weather. Last year, we had to close the walk through because of rain the entire week before Halloween. This year, I have a few different things planned if the weather holds. Feeling the pressure, but should be okay.
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    Hello..... hello.... Bob.... are you out there??? You dissapeared on me!
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    Hope you are having a good new year. Are you working on any new projects yet? I’m getting ready to start a new big project. I’m going to start building wall panels. I’m fearful the project may be bigger than it may first seem, but I’ll give it a go.

    Anyway have a great 2012!
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    Thanks for looking at my album. It almost feels like Halloween is not over when I get visitors like you. Your comments were greatly appreciated.

    30 TOTs is not bad. That is what I averaged for many years. Honestly I get so much fun out of building the props that as long as I get a few dozen Im happy, although I do get doubts if all the effort is worth it. The answer I always come back to is yes, because this hobby is awesome.

    A video walk though of my haunt would have been a good idea. Unfortunately she is already half torn down, maybe next year.

    I did not hit any after holiday sales. What were you able to get at Spirit? It sounds like a bunch of forum members were going after the zombie sewer tunnel displays. Id have to admit that Spirit did step it up a level with the indoor displays this year. I was impressed. Did you get any animatronics?

    Are you thinking of next year yet, or are you going to take a break for a while? Ive fallen behind on some of my home chores, plus the wife has a project or two for me, but I would like to begin one of my new ideas for next year. Im going to try and make wall panels. The plastic wall covering from Spirit looks pretty good, but Id like to make something that looks like real stone. I hope I can pull it off.

    Well sorry to chat your ear off, but it is always nice to hear from forum members.
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    So how did the big day turn out for you? Did you have lots of visitors? The display looks great.
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    Like your pics. I noticed that in 2010 you used mainly green ligting. Did yo use LEDs ? In the 2011 photos it looked like you may have changed the color scheme. I have tried various colors, but really like the way your green turned out on the tombstones/graveyard. Happy Halloween !!
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    Thank you for the kind comments. The lighting is a lot of work. If I had to guess I probably run upwards of 50 or 60 independent LED lights.

    Looks like you have also been working hard this year. Are you on schedule?
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    They are the new Electric Zombies from Distortions. Here is a link:
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    Thanks for the Request and comments! I added some new pics under my Prop Collection album showing my new Animated Zombies! And your right, you can't find them at Spirit! Thanks again man! I look forward to more pics of your display this year, great work, keep it up!
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    Great work! Your pics are very creepy! Great collection you have!
  10. Thanks! I followed the Skull and Bone technique. Here's the link.
    Only thing I did different was use a dark walnut varnish rather then the black spray paint suggested. I also sanded
    down the bucky and put a coat of the varnish on before the
    nylon and latex application. I then waited about a half hour
    and wiped it off leaving only the cracks and sockets dark and a hint of color on the bone
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