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    Today, 07:21 AM
    I think when you get an email like that it means it's actually not in a thread. It's probably a visitor message you left or maybe a comment on a blogpost. It's a hassle but I think the easiest thing to do if you really want to know is click on your profile and then on your activity and check any posts that you've made that aren't in a thread. Doesn't help if someone liked something you posted ages ago though.
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    Today, 07:13 AM
    All of these reaps are amazing! I know I always say this but the talent and creativity we all hold here on the forum is remarkable. SO many ideas of things I also want to recreate my self! Awesome job reapers!! This is so much better than christmas morning, I love all the haunty gifts :) I FINALLY was able to get my package sent out :( I had a lot on my plate and feel horrible that I wasn't able to get it out on time but it's on it's way victim I promise!!! It's headed SOUTH so keep a look...
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    Today, 06:45 AM
    Phantom Blue replied to a thread Prop Showcase: Pirate, Pirates, Pirates, ARRRR in Halloween Props
    very AWSOME!
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  • talkingcatblues's Avatar
    Today, 04:52 AM
    talkingcatblues commented on Phantasm's photo in album Halloween 2014
    Looks greatI I love the eyes and teeth - it's very Tim Burton-like.
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    Today, 04:47 AM
    talkingcatblues commented on TWISTEDUK's photo in album DR FRIGHTS
    Nice! Great idea and it came out really well.
  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:40 PM
    If you're having problems uploading photos, don't feel bad. It can be a little confusing at first. Here is a basic tutorial on how create an album and upload your photos. Screenshots are from Safari on a Mac so yours screen may vary a bit. It's not super-complicated, but it's easy to miss a couple buttons. I've over-explained things a bit and then bolded the important parts. It shouldn't take more than a minute or so to make a new album and upload some photos once you get the hang of it. ...
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    Yesterday, 10:56 PM
    Did it ever! I've created a monster! (not a bad thing around here) ;) Love the fairies in the garbage can and the hands coming out of the walls. Great ideas! I also really love the cat you made. I've never found one in the stores I like, but yours is just perfect. Great job! WitchyKitty, maybe I'll try to make a new thread and put the info there. And if it gets used a lot, maybe the powers that be can make it sticky. I made it on a blog page because I figured I might have to make a ton...
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    Yesterday, 07:56 PM
    Ah, here's a link to the video. Tough to tell for sure about availability. (you'll probably have to copy and paste it the link...it's not letting me put a link in for some reason). disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2014/08/video-a-closer-look-at-haunted-mansion-authentic-products-coming-to-disney-parks-this-fall/
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    Yesterday, 06:01 PM
    I think if you're trying to create a new album with the same name as the one you deleted, you might run into trouble. Try a different album name and see if you have better luck.
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  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:25 PM
    Ok, I made a little tutorial blog post, with PICTURES! Thanks for the comments, GoS. It helped me think it through a little. Here's the link. http://www.halloweenforum.com/blogs/gobbygruesome/1842-how-upload-photos.html
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    Yesterday, 03:40 PM
    GobbyGruesome added 9 photo(s) to album PhotoUploadScreenshots
  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:37 PM
  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:36 PM
    I could be wrong about the park thing - sometimes shiny things distract. You may want to take a look around. I probably have a link to the merchandise video around here somewhere.
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    Yesterday, 03:08 PM
    GobbyGruesome created an album Album Name
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    Yesterday, 02:49 PM
    Thanks a_granger for the photo comment. Not sure if you know what that is but its just a screen capture I took from a Disney Halloween mechandise release video. I'm sad because I think that shirt is exclusive to the Disney park. Pretty awesome though. :) Btw, I just created that album as a test so I'm going to be deleting it soon. (I've alread got that photo in another album.) Just didn't want you thinking I'm some crazy person who deletes photos if anyone comments on them. ;)
  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:42 PM
    GobbyGruesome posted a visitor message on Hilda's profile
    Yeah I love his drawings. Great inspiration. I should try that one year instead of letting circumstances dictate so much. I'm just a little disappointed that we likely won't see much until it's too late to act upon it. But at least we know he's gonna do some props this year. :)
  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:16 PM
    GobbyGruesome posted a visitor message on Hilda's profile
    It's just his show on the Hallmark channel. You'll see.
  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:04 PM
    Hey Phantasm! You aren't alone in this. It's a little weird. I should probably make up a tutorial with some screenshots. So you create a new album, name it and add a description. Click "save changes" and that will take you to the album page. Then click the "Upload Photos" button. That will pop up a new window where you can select images from your computer, or from another website. Once you've selected those (you can do up to 5 at a time) click the "Upload" button on the right hand...
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  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:52 PM
    The only other thing I'd mention is there seems to be two main different types - the "pose and stay" and the ones with loose joints. The pose and stay are handy because you can stand or pose them with very little effort. But if you're looking for a specific pose you may find the motion too restrictive. So just keep in mind what you want to do with them. The "pose and stay" types are newer, maybe just the last couple years. The other ones might be a bit cheaper.
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  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:49 PM
    Hey Burnsy! Welcome Back. :) I'd start a new thread in the Props section with a title something like Repairing Headless Bride Animatronic, or something like that. That might catch the attention of anyone who owns that prop. I don't think most people swing by the Member Introduction section.
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  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:44 PM
    Yup, your English is perfect, Marza. :) Welcome to the forums. We've got a few members from Finland here. I know finding Halloween things there is hard, so it takes a lot of extra effort. Good job on all the progress you've made so far. Hope to see some photos of your party.
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    Definitely not my car. Not 100% sure but I think that was Grampa's car from the Munsters. The local Historic village did a car show of TV cars and replicas. That one fit the Halloween theme.
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    I did not know that! I know the majority of effects are done on computer these days, but it's amazing how much the old effects hold up.
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    I just took a look in the basement. It turns out we've actually bought that book. I seem to remember my wife saying it was pretty academic reading though. I should give it a go.

    I hadn't heard of the cloud thing. For film? Is that like the volcanic smoke plumes in the link I sent you?
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    Wow Bam! That looks absolutely phenomenal! You should really post a thread on this because people need to see this. Your walls are amazing! Great job on the form and the painting as well. This is Disneyland quality stuff! I don't think I'd ever take it down, it looks so good.

    Yeah, we do love Fantasia - I think most people would agree that some of it drags a bit and it's a little long. But the Sorcerer's Apprentice and Night on Bald Mountain are both pretty awesome, and I enjoy the stuff with the hippos and the ostriches, and the greek stuff and...I guess most of it, really. But the Nutcracker Suite makes me a little restless. You definitely can't argue with the music though.

    You know they did a second one, right? In 2000? A little more upbeat if I remember right. The main bit I remember from that is a period 1940s NYC bit set to Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue.

    We just picked up the BluRay because there was a short documentary on Walt Disney working with Salvador Dali, and my wife's museum was showing a couple Dali pieces. But there's also a pretty cool extra on the special effects in the film. I never really gave it much thought but a lot of stuff like the lighting effects, fairy dust, rain etc. would have been impossible to animate by hand (or took forever) so it goes into some of the stuff their technician did to make those things happen. They were almost doing star wars type effects back in 1940 but I guess it didn't get much attention because it was just assumed to be animated by hand. (That's what I assumed anyway).

    They have a book out on the effects guy so if you want you can see some of the pages from his notebook here...

    h ttp://www.michaelspornanimation.com/splog/?p=3080
    Anyway, sorry for the ramble. But glad to see things are going so well. How's the family holding up?
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    Look forward to seeing the video, the still pics are fantastic, there's a great atmosphere to them
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    I'm kind of the same. We saw Les Miserables for the first time years ago - it's my wife's favourite. But I was all about how the sets spun around and converted into different things.

    Hate it when I go to a show and the sets are really minimal. Where's the fun in that.
  7. Thank you!! The orphange looked super creepy looking out from our living room window. haha I guess I am doing my job as a haunter if I can freak myself out! The ghost baby had tons of pictures taken with her haha
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    Thanks! They like it ( no complaints anyway). I can usually get volunteers to help set it up so that says something I guess.
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    Well, the monster crate is fantastic too!!! Thanks for sending the link
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    How are your projects coming this year?

    I'm actually in the middle of tearing down an old greenhouse that's rotted out in the back - had to take it down before it tipped over and killed someone. So Halloween again must wait.
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