AuraofForeboding's Album: Halloween 2010... oh this old thing?
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Halloween 2010... oh this old thing?

Well, being a sado masocist, I decided four days before halloween to "throw up" some of the props I have in my parents front yard. This is how it turned out.
  1. The Graveyard at night.
  2. Walking up to the front door.
  3. From the Driveway.
  4. A collage of tombstones
  5. Reclining Lady and my fake candle lantern.
  6. My fake flaming Railroad lantern, and broken angel.
  7. just inside the fence
  8. The tombstone my friend jeff carved from a magazine clipping! It lights SO well...
  9. again, LOVE how the detail of the carving lights.
  10. More detail.
  11. My fake candle, and candle lanterns.
  12. Graveyard during the day
  13. A really creepy tombstone created and sculpted by my friend Jeff.
  14. Amazing tombstone carved by my friend Jeff.
  15. View from the street.
  16. The view the TOTS have as they b-line for the front door for candy.
  17. My Brick Pilasters during the day
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