i need ideas for a teen haunted trail with no elec
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    Default i need ideas for a teen haunted trail with no elec

    SOS I nedd some really scary, cheap ideas for a haunted trail with no electric it does have plenty of trees and hills an dead leaves. we also need party ideas as well. So far we have 14 years of party supplies its just this age is hard 13 & 14 year olds. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.. thanks peggy

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    Plenty of volunteers, camo netting, battery operated lights and sounds (i.e boom boxes and flashlights) dry ice and warm water, easily portable props.

    Is this like for a boy scout troop? Parents and other volunteers can dress up as the monsters and jump out, the camonetting can be strung up in various areas for that swampy look, flashlights with colored jells for lighting effect, boom boxes in the bushes for sound effects,(Don't forget to draw a map to where these items are so you do not lose them in case the batteries die)dry ice in shallow water containers for the drifting fog effect (if windy, this may not work well)
    and rubber snakes and life size skeletons strewn about.

    What kind of decorations you have left over?
    The party: How about the Dance of the Dead. Do the room up to look like a graveyard and play alot of the old Halloween music mixed with some modern ones.

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    Hi Peggy and welcome, the best advice I can give is to use the search feature on this forum. There are many past threads dealing with this same question. i've done a haunted trail for the Scouts and I also went with battery power. You can set up a cemetery anywhere, that's where I'd start. And try to pick a theme that runs through the whole event.

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    Hi Peggy ,Think glow lights fast cheap and an easy way tolight up a dark trail

    On all Hallows eve,when the moon is high,I get a little twinkle in my sweet green eyes,For I know haunts abound,with goblins and witches and just may leave you in tatters and stitches ,So careful as you enter my halloween crypt cause safty is the key and i got the neighbors whipped,HAHAHAA,

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    I actually used glowsticks to light up the interiors of "masks"

    For instance the "scream" mask.

    I had a green lightstick give the mask an eerie glow with satisfactory results.

    Also, they have battery powered mini strobes, and battery powered blacklights too, and not the cheezy ones, I have a very nice blacklight that is battery powered that gives me a wonderful effect.


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    Thanks to all for all the wonderful advice. I could still use some more party ideas for when we are not on the haunted trail., so far I have come up with a DJ, costume contest, freeze dance??? I have to keep these 13 & 14 year old boys and girls entertained for about 4 hours SOS. Thanks Peggy




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