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    Hey! My name is Anna. I have been lurking on here for quite some time now so I figured it was time to introduce myself. When I was younger I HATED Halloween with a passion (it's funny now because it is my FAVORITE holiday now). I hated being scared and I counted down the day until Halloween was over. My best friend has always LOVED Halloween and has been trying for YEARS to get me to go to a haunted trail. Finally, I gave in to make her be quiet about it. I went to my first haunted trail, Woods of Terror in Greensboro, NC , with her and I instantly fell in love. Now, it is my goal to have my own haunted trail of my own, but as of now I am in college. I am going to school to be an elementary school teacher. I have seen so many talented people on this site and I cannot wait to see more of what people on this site have to offer.

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    Hello from NC!
    I never get MAD, I get EVEN! Pray I only get MAD!

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    Hello and Welcome Anna.



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