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    Default GRIMM -- Season Five starts Friday, 10/30!

    I know everyone is rushing to get ready for Halloween night, but noticed that GRIMM starts it's new season tonight (NBC @ 9pm Fri. 10/30). Setting recorder now!

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    Yep, the wife and I have a date on the couch!
    Kinda disappointed that the season premier is only an hour though.

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    We should catch up watching with this Friday's episode. Still have last week's to view and it's killing me to see where everyone is and it's why I haven't posted before now. I know Juliette is "gone" but remember Trubel had returned at the end of last season. Or is hexenbeast Juliette really dead for the long run? She was the only human on the show kind of but they did remedy that and we know of other hexenbeasts who returned. She did have special hexenbeast qualities beyond anyone else I thought. Maybe somewhere down the road?



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GRIMM -- Season Five starts Friday, 10/30!