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    In our downtown area, there is going to be a twist on the whole haunted house concept. A building downtown will feature many booths made to scare the pants off of the patrons. Anyone may sign up for a booth and decorate it however they like. This is a competition with first place winners getting $10,000. My problem: I don't know what theme to do. I've thought of a few (morgue, dinner scene, evil Wonderland, dungeon) but I would like more ideas. Plus, I need to think of something quick since there is limited space and all of this starts October 7th. If anybody has some ideas for me, that would be wonderful!!

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    Wow, what a great idea! The only thing I can suggest is to check out posts here, peoples home pages, or Sinisterspace. Also check out the monsterlist for ideas. http://www.halloweenmonsterlist.info/
    I don't want to just scare them... I want to mess them up for life!

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    Thanks!! I talked to my friends and they say its too short of notice, but I will definitely be doing it next year! And thanks for the link, its really great!!

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    If they allow pictures....it would be great to see what they all did!!

    Mistress Muffy

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    Yeah.... i'd like to see pictures, also!





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