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    Lightbulb Sparking fuse box

    A friend and I checked out a local "professional" haunt recently. (had a great time too, its still fun to be on the other side of the scares sometimes)

    We are both firemen and something caught our eye. It was an unprotected fuse box off to the side a bit with exposed wiring, stabs, the whole bit. He points at it and is like "Wow that doesnt look very safe does it?"
    About that time he steps on the pressure mat lol. It arcs and sparks and makes a helluvalotta noise! We both jumped and had a great laugh. Those guys did a fantastic job of making it look accidental, like its not supposed to be part of the show. It was absolutely my favorite prop of the whole place.

    Anyone know how this is made? Or at least a site/pic where I can look at one to try and get a better idea of how its made? I've tried googling with no success. Also, any electrical guru types out there know at what voltages you can get a nice arc like that without danger?

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    Like this?: http://www.palenightproductions.com/fxsupplies.html

    I think Terra has one in her zombie haunt this year.

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    Terra purchased the prop from pale night as well. I've been thinking about this one as well, one thing I thought about you could do on the cheap is just rig the box with some super bright LED's above and beneath the plugs (perhaps the mini strobes you can buy anywhere during halloween), then wire in a small speaker and cd/mp3 on loop with electrical sounds. I know it isn't the cool electrical spark, but still an idea. I would imagine that these boxes work on a similar system to a spark fence? Maybe just enough voltage to cause a spark and noise (10-12'ish volts)

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    That may be the one! If I could find the video it says is on the site and watch it trigger, I'd probably have a better idea lol

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    Sparking fuse box
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUxnNiLBJQU&feature=player_embedded"]YouTube - Transworld 2010: Professional Halloween Prop Show[/ame]

    Look about a minute into this, that is the pale night box.

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    how is that done, i have a fuse box just like that, contact points? capaciters?

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    wow, really? $750.00 for that

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    the gargoyles and the angels are so cool, wish i had the room and budget for them.
    whats your name?I couldnt hear it very well last night when i was hiding under your bed!
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    Sparking fuse box
    I love that box. They use this device called a 'cracker' but I'll be darned if I could find them anywhere else. Digital Sound and Lighting also were selling them in what they called a 'Boomstick'.

    If anyone can find the source of these 'crackers' that would be killer. They are really loud and bright. The perfect startle scare.

    Here's another video of it (1:05 in):

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPPBNMQLsis"]YouTube - Halloween 2010: Sneak Peek[/ame]

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    ok so yeah, after seeing it in action i agree its strobing LEDs and not actual electrical arcs, but how do you get that loud sound they make? its hard to imagine thats an mp3 sound


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