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    Love that idea of the cylinder. Fright Props had incorporated one to open the box. They also added hoses coming out of it. Not sure if they had crackers at the end of the hoses but that could have been cool too. Plus, what if you added some fast blown fog coming out of the the box or the hoses? Another idea - air whips out of the box? Could be epic!

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    I am planning on using mine in a hallway. My hallway goes straight then turns, folks enter the hall staright ahead they will see the box with the cover hanging open. I found a cool sign on ebay that says "Danger electrical box cover must be closed at all times" this will be mounted right over the box. As they start walking toward the box, at some point they will step on the pressure mat and the box will do its thing. I think it will be just as scary for them to see the "broken" box and fuses inside as they approach, so I am not going to use anthing to make the cover open. But it would be cool with the door opening also.

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    Sparking fuse box
    Quote Originally Posted by bfjou812 View Post
    I've got a question for all of you working on this prop, as you know I have some REAL fusible disconnects for sale , that's not the point. I was wondering how are you going to incorporate this into your haunt?? I have worked in the industrial maintenance field for about 20 years, and here is something that I thought would be pretty cool........ Have the crackers start going off with the box closed ... then with a air cylinder the door blasts open and you have the rest of the effect. That happened to me when I started my plant up one day , I checked everything out ,made sure all the valves were turned the correct way and hit the start button on the compressors .............and BANG!!!!!! It blew the door open on the disconnect and started a small fire!! Found out that some critters got into the motor and when all that voltage and amperage hit it it just blew. A 150 hp motor!!I did get it all undrer control....

    Well, after 3 years, I needed to change up my traveling lab a bit.

    I'm actually not making a fusebox, per se, they are going inside of Bob here, and will start popping when the switch is thrown around 2:41, losing the situp action to save storage space, with the script saying something is wrong instead.

    Could conceive of putting them in the control panel ('fuse box') as well. Great setup for the 'power outage'.

    So, they're giving me a better startle scare and taking less space. Goodness all around.
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    Default Halloween Prop Fuse Spark Box

    We came up with a flint rod and motorized grinder wheel on a control that threw some pretty cool sparks but alas I knew we could never incorporate it into our halloween props simply because of the fire codes our pro haunts deal with personally looks like the strobe light and crackle wins.
    We did another by running a couple of elcheapo stunguns on a wider circuit jump and encased them in plexi glass but there again we found the internal power supplies on those cheaper ones just wernt meant to throw a huge spark gap for long sets.
    Strobe and crackle it is.lol


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