Prop Showcase: Kitty Kath Zombie Baby Prop is the best zmobie baby this year but
Hello there, is this your first visit?
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    Default Kitty Kath Zombie Baby Prop is the best zmobie baby this year but

    I have been to 2 spirt stores and they had the cool Kitty Kath Zombie Baby Prop and they had problems with it . she wouldnt move her head and one store her head stopped moving in a day . shes my fav zombie baby this year . im afriad to get one now

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    Yeah I bought the Angry Alice one,and had to take her right back to the store as soon as I took her out of the box one leg fall off,her body is made out of cheap,cheap thin foam,its sad to make something so cheap

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    After reading several store-bought, mass market, moving prop threads, I have now decided to stay far away from them & just steal the ideas. Static store bought is one thing, but getting movement to work properly in these store bought moving props seems to be an issue that crops up waaay too often for the money that's spent on them.

    I've never built my own moving prop, but Kitty Kath appears to have the same movement a wiper motor would give, back & forth, but correct me if I'm wrong on that. So how is it that car wipers seem to work for years with the same motion yet a prop with the same motion doesn't last a day?
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    After being on this forum....I did not get my hopes up on my first trip to Spirit this year. I know these props can be made so much better! Watching the employees set up the animatronics and hear them say "WHY isn't this WORKING?" was worth it though!!




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