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    I wanted to get everyone's opinion on the 1000W fogger at Spirit Store. I'm not able to go for the much higher end models but I did want to pick this one up the day after halloween. Has anyone had any experience with it? I will be attaching a Fog Chiller to it.

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    Spirit Fogger,
    get the same fogger at Party City for $49

    I have one, works fine

    YouTube - chiller

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    I'm not big on the high end models either, so instead I'm running two cheapy 400W foggers that cost a total of $30 (one was $20 pre-ween, and the other I spent $10 for the day after).

    I've actually got a third one that I'm going to leave out. I ran my fog tests tonight and 2 MORE than covered my larger-than-small front yard.
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    I'm new to the Halloween thing but I hosted my first haunted barn party last night. Up until the party I tested a variety of foggers and found them to be a little lacking. The 1000w one you're talking about did a great job but it filled my entire barn lol. My advice is to look at the space you have and choose accordingly. If you go with the 1000w a fog chiller is a must. The low lying fogger was ok but didn't have the power I needed and the ice resevoir was tiny.

    With the fogger and the garbage can fog chiller I was incredibly happy. In fact, I monitored the fog myself because it was doing such a great job. Oh, my space is 36 x 44.




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