Mechanical: Gemmy Jason Machete arm Repair
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    Default Gemmy Jason Machete arm Repair

    Greetings people,
    This will be my first post after floating around in the darkness and gathering much useful information from this site. This is my second year doing a home haunt (now that I have an actual home to haunt) and I'm in need of some assistance. I managed to acquire a Gemmy Jason from a neighbor down the way for free, the catch is his machete arm is m.i.a. . It seems that the mechanism and gears for the arm are intact and still rotate. I would like to graft some kind of arm back on to him that would move as before. I plan on giving him some tweeks and turning him into a sort of zombie gravedigger looking figure swinging a lightweight foam led lantern next to the freshly dug grave. I had planned on using pvc and pool noodles to make the arm. It's the attaching it to the mechanism I'm not sure of. I don't know how the original attached so I thought maybe I'd just glue it in place where I think it went. It seems there should be a better way though, has anyone had to graft an arm back on or have any ideas?
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    I have one and it's perfect and in tact, except the arm is bent at a "funny" angle and he hits himself in the head when he raises his arm, I'd like to bend the arm out so he lifts the machete strait up but I dont know how to get his shirts off, mine are all sewn together......If I could get to the arm, I would take pics for you so you see how it is supposed to attach. Maybe someone will come along and help both of us.



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