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    My question, and forgive me I am very new here, is regarding a tree we are making. We have started with a base of PVC and chicken wire. When we cover it can we:
    Use fabric, like cotton muslin and monster mud it? That is my thought right now. But we also considered paper mache. I would like it to be weather resistant in case we should choose to use it out doors sometime. This year it will be indoors. We are hoping for at least a 8-9 foot height. We are starting with a base (trunk) that is about 6 ft tall. Any help or direction would be great.

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    My opinion:

    Monster mud will be quicker, but heavier to move around afterwords.

    Paper Mache will likely take longer, but be much lighter to move and store.

    Both will require some fairly hefty sealing to make them waterproof, but both have withheld reasonably well for me during inclimate weather, with the exeption of pouring rain, which both suffered issues.

    Given the time, I'ld go with monster mud at this point, for speed. Before setting it out, make sure to seal it well with a product suitable to the task if you are fearing moisture. I've had unsealed monster mud survive 5 years only protected from actual downpours. The average frost, snow, and dew haven't phased it. (same for some of my paper mache)

    Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

  4. Default monstermud vs paper mache

    Thanks so much. I think we will go monster mud. can you tell me if it is ok toput it on the muslin cloth? Do you put it on thin in layers?

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    I would use burlap to apply you MM. You want a material that the MM will become part of and not just sit on. As far as weatherproof, just make sure you apply a 2nd coat of MM by hand filling in all of the holes left after the first application and then paint your project with exterior paints. I built a horse this past summer and you can sit on the horse after a driving rain storms. Weather does not affect him!

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    If you go paper mache don't be afraid to use big pieces on big projects. The standard 2" width will take you forever.




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