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    For those of you who do walk thru haunts, how do you light them? How do you illuminate them enough for the walk thru but still have atmosphere?

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    I don't do walk-thrus anymore, but when I did, Darker was definitely better. The simplest solutions is to have everything except strobes and Black Lights on rheostatic controls. Adjust as you see fit.

    Just as a matter of interest, we once had a sound & lighting malfunction in our last scare, Mrs. Bates' Parlor. Somehow, just as Mrs. Bates stood up and brandished her knife, everything went completely and utterly black and soundless for about five seconds. Everybody, all the guests, a group of teenagers, and the the host, myself, was squeezed into a miniature mosh-pit at the Exit Door. Everybody was laughing and screaming; they all knew the chainsaw was coming. Then, the strobe came on, the Psycho Shower Scene Theme cranked up at full volume, and everything returned to "normal", as Jason came through the door with his chainsaw.

    It was unscripted, we never figured out what went wrong. But it was PRICELESS!

    "Because a Child's mind is a Terrible Thing not to mess with."

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    We use tiki torches ...they cast great creepy shadows !!!

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    I've been working in the lighting industry now for almost 20 years! Lighting is a very important part of haunting, it can make or break a look for a scene or prop. When you're trying to light for both atmosphere and safety you can run into many different issues.

    Safety has to be the big one when running a haunt with people walking through, if it's an outdoor event you don't need to worry as much about exit and emergency lighting as an indoor haunt would have to. Strobes are an issue too, they can cause seizures, so I'd recomend aiming them at props not the walking areas and telling people ahead of time that they are in the haunt.

    As for general lighting, like Wolfman said...darker is better! If you can light the walking areas as dimmly as you can but your guests can still see the path, that's going to give them a fright all in itself. It'll also help your gags to be that much more of an attraction when they get to them. Light your props and gags to fit the theme of each one, oranges and reds for things using fire and such, dark blues and purples for Dracula and vamp items, and so on.

    Lighting is a cool thing, try out different looks until you find one that really pops out at you, you'll know it when you see it!

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