6ft dancing santa for $49.50
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    Default 6ft dancing santa for $49.50

    Home depot is having a 75% off sale for christmas decorations. They have a 6 foot dancing/singing santa for only $49.50 normally $199.00. This is a 6foot versus the 5 foot walmart version. It could be the wiring for this santa is the same as the 5 foot version and the dancing santa hack would work. There is also a 10% off coupon code (xb2). Shipping is reasonable at only $16.00. Just thought I would give a heads up. If you decorate for Xmas this is an excellent buy.


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    I totally understand some people that might be excited about a santa modified into a spooky critter and the fun involved doing this re-build, but for me with sometimes stupid and aggressive customers such a prop would be "meat" in short order.
    I wouldn't buy a wheelbarrow if I needed a pick up truck, even though some of my customers expect me to be showing them an 18 wheeler semi!
    (And I have never yet bought , or rather went into debt, to own such expensive critters as an 18 wheeler haunted semi display)
    "My Insanity is well-respected, until they wiggle free and become a stringer for a tabloid"




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