How to make shoes?
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    Default How to make shoes?

    Okay, I am attempting to make a Frankenstein type monster, his legs will be made of tubes that come out of the paper we use at work (very strong) but I need to put shoes on him and I am not sure how to do this and still be able to attach him to a piece of plywood (to make him stand on his own). I looked everywhere for some of those plastic Frankenstein boots that just go over the tops of your shoes, I was going to fill them with foam insulation or something, but I can't find any and I don't want to have to cut up a pair of boots to put them on him. If anyone has any suggestions as to what I might be able to use to make him look like he is wearing boots I would really appreciate it. Doesn't have to be fancy, just something sticking out from under his pants.

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    Chicken wire shaped into shoes, then take some old cloth, dip it in drywall mud and drape it over the chicken wire. Paint it black and it should look just like shoes. I made legs and shoes this way on one of my props this year. Sorry I don't have pics yet. I'm having some digital camera problems and its not at the top of my never ending to-do list.

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    Goolie, do those tubes have plastic end caps, about 3/4 inches deep? We have tons like that at my job, and I'm using them for a bunch of things... you could screw the plastic end caps to the plywood, and then screw the tubes to the caps. That would free you up from worrying about relying on the boots for support, and then you could use John's method for making them.
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    Some ideas.....

    1.Go to a thrift store and buy a pair of old boots
    2.Cut a piece of 4" pvc pip in half and use for a form.
    3. build some from Plywood paint to look like shoes....(whos looking at his feet all you need is somthing big and clunky)

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    Get a pair of boots at the thrift store, drill a hole in the bottom and run your pipe through the hole so you can connect it to the plywood. To make the prop even more stable pour sand or concret into the boots after you mount it to the wood. Or just fill the boots with great stuff foam. Look for the largest pair of boots you can find.

    Or you could get two boot cast (for keeping a hurt foot from moving it has metal bars running up the side) at the thrift store. and use black duct tape to form the top of the boot.




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