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    Fake Stone Wall Attachment Help
    Looking for some ideas to attach fake stones to tarp to form my cemetery wall. I was inspired by a lot of posts on here to build my own "stone" wall/pillars, unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) I have ones that are prebuilt and made of adobe. This said, making sturdier wooden cemetery entrance columns are out of the question. I did find some tarp at Home Depot that is dark brown (about 8$) that I was thinking of tossing over the front of my wall and nailing to the back, and attaching fake stones for my cemetery. I'm only planning on decorating the front of the "wall".

    I saw Please help quick! How to attach mausoleum stones to garage door. ?? on how to attach foam stones to a garage, which might end up doing to tarp i.e. double sided tape (snot tape), or hot gluing magnets to the tarp /stones.

    For dimensions- each "pillar" is 16 in across the one adjoining the wall to the right is 16 plus the all at 76 long (total 92 in long), the wall is 47 in tall and the pillars are 57 in tall. There is one pillar on the left which adjoins to my neighbors house, and the wall/pillar combination on the right adjoins to my house/garage.

    Any suggestions would be great!

    PS This will be my second year haunting, last year's was a Star Wars themed cemetery with Kylo Ren Scarecrow and Jawa groundskeeper. This year is Sleepy Hollow.
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    Great Stuff (expanding foam) is wonderful as a mortar for adhering foam faux anything. It should stick to a plastic tarp, though I've never tried.

    As for the garage door, another forum member said they used magnets from Harbor Freight to keep their 4x8 mausoleum sheets attached. Here's a thread asking your attachment question-many great suggestions.
    Please help quick! How to attach mausoleum stones to garage door. ??

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the help! I have a can in my garage for other props, this seems like the most time and cost efficient option.

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    If the foam doesn't work well try some Loctite Power Grab adhesive in a caulk gun. I was trying to put acoustic ceiling tile squares on a concrete wall with Liquid Nails with no luck I switched to Loctite and boom! stuck like glue.



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