Iíve wanted to learn to use an Arduino for a while and recently came across Casa Fearís impressive groundbreaker prop how-to on youtube. This was a perfect project to use the Arduino rather than buying a controller (which would be easier but less fun!). I programmed the Arduino outputs to control a relay card that activates the solenoids, the led light in the head and the sound card. A motion sensor card provides an input to the Arduino as the trigger to start the program.

Here is a video of the "rough draft" just after getting the air cylinders and solenoids installed on the frame. I followed the framing instructions in Casa Fears video pretty closely with no issues. There's a good bit of work left to do to quiet down the mechanicals, dress him up, figure out the LED effect lighting and package the electronics but there's lots of time until Halloween 2017! I want a better zombie mask but this is one that was handy and I wanted to see how it held up with the jostling around.

Also, posting this will be a kick in the butt for me to keep working it until it is done!