Pneumatic: What are some good motors for an electric chair prop?
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  1. Default What are some good motors for an electric chair prop?

    Hey, I'm thinking about making an electric chair prop for my 2017 garage haunt. I don't have much experience in actually making props, so I probably need some help in choosing a good motor for it. maybe one that vibrates? or rocks back and forth? I don't know really. any help would be much appreciated, though

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    Welcome to the forums! You've found a wealth of knowledge here, do search on electric chairs and you'll probably find a ton of material. Are you building a chair that patrons can sit on or one that will have a dummy occupant? If you're looking for something to just vibrate the chair when someone sits in it, any decent size spare motor can be used by attaching an off balance weight to the shaft. A full blown chair with a dummy jumping around gets a bit more involved.

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    thanks! to answer you question, the chair's intended to have a "dummy occupant" in it

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    Well depending on what type of action you're looking for, it's pretty hard to get a dummy to jump around using motors, pneumatics is the best way to go. If you want him to just vibrate, then like I said, most any decent size spare motor with an off balance weight would do it. Having never built an electric chair prop, I'm not an expert on it but there are plenty of people here that have.

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    What are some good motors for an electric chair prop?
    11-12 years ago I used a wiper motor to make a electric chair prop that had decent movement. Below will be a low grade gif of the prop. Got to remember back then even a GIF was a large file so this is the best I have. I really don't have the time to go into it right now...heading to S. Fla for 10 days to get away from cold and snow. I use to post often but got really busy over the last couple years and no time for Halloween or prop making. So there should be threads on how I made the prop. here's a few more pictures I based the movement off this one. It was one of the first that used pneumatics for this prop. Mine did not have the leg movement as the one below or the control. But if you added another motor to the legs/butt you can get movement there also Hopefully I have more time to get back into Halloween this year. I've really missed it. This was actually a easy prop to make and I believe I had less than $40 in it. Mostly, a wiper motor, power supply, PVC for the body frame, chicken wire to bulk it out and a large spring in the head to get the head movement. Add in some fog , lights and screaming and it really did look great in a dark setting

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    thanks, dude! I will definitely try this method

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    I made the electric chair sound by bolting an old orbital sander to an old cookie sheet then screwing that to the bottom of the seat under the dummy. Orbital sander came from a yard sale. I have the sander, a couple lights and a scream track on an ipod that are plugged into a remote controlled receptacle. Somebody activates the prop by pushing the button on the keychain remote.

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    You want to start your dumpster diving and garbage picking now.

    12VDC windshield wiper motors. Can be driven with an old computer's power supply.

    Old garbage disposals can be gutted for the motor.
    Washing machines or dryers.
    Furnace blower motors.
    Air conditioner blower motors.
    Old fans.

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    I have heard of people having success with a Sawzall



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