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    Default Psych Ward - total bathroom transformation

    Psych Ward - total bathroom transformation
    This is a total transformation of my bathroom into a psych ward showing some of the torturous methods doctors used in the past. 3 patients are chained, caged and drugged. The walls are padded with egg crate mattress padding and blue paper paint tarps are hanging to look like medical curtains. The medicines are real and are from a local antique store. The toilet was turned into a Shock Therapy area (seen in video). One patient has written strange things on the walls that are only visible when the black light is triggered.
    I used eerie and flickering lights and creepy medical ward sounds as well as a motion sensor for affect.

    The YOUTUBE video shows the affects better than the pictures do:
    Attached Images Attached Images Psych Ward - total bathroom transformation-img_6124.jpg Psych Ward - total bathroom transformation-img_6132.jpg Psych Ward - total bathroom transformation-img_6134.jpg Psych Ward - total bathroom transformation-img_6127.jpg Psych Ward - total bathroom transformation-img_6129.jpg Psych Ward - total bathroom transformation-img_6122.jpg 

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    Very creative! You've used your space really well too - putting the one prop in your tub makes it feel pretty big in the room.
    I would be nervous to go to the bathroom in there - wondering if something was going to lunge at me or otherwise startle me!
    Possibly I'd just turn around & go back out again! LOL! Good job!



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