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    Default 2014 House Lighting

    2014 House Lighting
    Ok i have done the same lighting effect for three years now so it's time to change up. I love this! Apparently its from Universal Studios. Found on Pinterest. Would there be a specific type of light to transform that much space into one color. My landscape lights on my house do light up the entire house but as soon as i add a color lens to it it looks like a much smaller area lit up with an actual color . Any ideas???
    My brother said its the house design along with the lighting that gives it the effect. What do you think?
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    I may be wrong but that looks like it might be a video projection. The shadows of the leaves, if they are supposed to be leaves, are just a daker blue and not black like a shadow would be. Or its a patterned filter over a very large light. The light goes all the way to the top of the roof line and the lighting brightness uniformity makes me think it's one light source. That makes me think projection or a large commercial light and filter.

    If you are using home landscape lights I guess you are going to need more of them if you are using colored filters. I have seen big buildings lit up with one color but they are using those big square commercial light fixtures to do it.

    Hopfully someone can post what kind of lights those are, maybe mercury vapor? With a light like that you might only need one.

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    i didnt think about projection. mercury vapor? isnt that the kind the city installs for you? Are they super hot?

    its so cool but i could never do projection. wouldnt want to waste my bulb.




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