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    Default Ata, 6-inch Alien mummy

    I just found a new prop idea for my carnival sideshow.

    Saw this article on HuffPost today about Ata, the 6- inch alien mummy and the subsequent documentary, "Sirius", being produced to reveal the DNA results of it. The mummy was reportedly found about 10 years ago in the Chilean Atacama Desert. So it has a backstory already and the photos and xrays will make great display materials.

    Don't you think one of those 6-inch skelly garland guys would look great made up to look like Ata?! Maybe a little bit of clay or paper mache for some sculpting of the details. I could see a backlit box frame used to display the "xrays", photocopied onto translucent paper stock. Only thing missing would be a real newspaper/tabloid article on it. If anyone notices such a story while in the grocery line, please note publication and date, and post here. This upcoming documentary could be something they would pick up for a story.

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    I think that would work great GOS. And the clay added to the head would be easy to do.

    A great sideshow attraction! Can't wait to see pics.




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