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    Default Metal Halloween Garden Arch

    I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to Halloween up this metal garden arch? I was also thinking of using it for the entrance to my grave yard. I was thinking of hanging a cemetery sign from the top but was not sure what else to add. Any Ideas?

    Here are a few pics to give you an idea of what the arch looks like.

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    This is a closer picture of the metal inner part of the arch.

    Name:  042.jpg
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    Thanks again,


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    String lights, spiders in spiderwebs, Spanish moss, bats, etc. A cemetery sign would be good too, obviously.

    If TOTs will be walking through the arch, clear monofilament fishing line hanging down will give them the feeling that something's messing with their hair--good cheap startle.
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    I have one similar to yours I got at Kmart at least 10 years ago. Mine was pre-lit with purple and orange lights. It has stood the test of time, and I haul it out every year. HM
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    I use an arch as the entrance to my graveyard

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    I have one that I use for now for the enterance. Orange lights with a cemetery sign. Was hoping to replace it with colums this year, but looks like they will have to go on the to do list for next year. Here's a picture.
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    So many oppertunities
    You could get vines and moss and interwine that with cobwebs. Place pumpkins around the bottom of it. Add ravens or crowd to the top. If you are leaving the gate on then drape it in creepy cloth or fabric and make sure NOT to oil it. So it will creek when you open it

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    I have an arch bought from Target several years ago. Used it as the entrance to my cemetary back then. Since then I have wanted to use the frame of it and expand the idea of an arch into a tunnel. Finally found arches on sale one year at Party City and picked up 3 of them so I can create a tunnel that will follow our curved new walkway. I haven't tried this out yet but the plan will be to position the arches "x" many feet apart from each other and connect them (which will also help provide stability and add a surface for black landscaping fabric or plastic to lay onto to enclose the tunnel/cave). Not sure if I will use PVC pipe or something else. But that's basically the idea. The entrance to the tunnel/cave will be decorated with vines and such. Ultimately I would love to add a foam facade to the opening of the first arch and build it up and carve it to represent rocks that are part of a hillside cave. Then the fun begins deciding how to decorate the inside of the tunnel/cave.

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    I bought a second one this year one I use as entryway to my cemetary the other is going to be entryway to our front porch. I too was wondering how to make it "weenier". I am going to put some cornstalks at the sides, lots of fake webs. Maybe put some cut off morning glory vines weaved through it. They will dry up and make it creepier.

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    Bifurcate pumpkins.

    I have to build my arch out of raven grass every year, but I made these EMT coduit pieces, and jab pumpkins onto them. You could zip tie the pipe right to such an arch to be a lot easier than the finagling I have to come up with.

    EMT hanger.

    Pumpkins on:

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    I have an arch that I use every year (as it's part of my fence). I drape black cloth over it, add spiderwebs, sometimes fake barbed wire or crows.

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    I like the scroll work on your piece. Maybe adding small skulls to the center of the X in the design would add some pop.

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