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    Cool Homemade pirate ship

    I want to make a Homemade pirate ship but I have no idea how to go about it
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    doesnt have to be the whole ship, maybe just the front with a crows nest

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    We built one for our Lion's Club Haunted Hayride. Since we had to set it up and take it down every night, it was made in 3 sections, with wheels and a trailer hitch on each section. It was 28' long and made from 2x4 framing with luan plywood over that. You can always just build the bow or stern section.

    I also built a mast and crows nest inspired by the skeleton in the crows nest outside Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. This was for our neighborhood scarecrow contest. It is simply 2 pieces of 10' long PVC drain pipe and a plaster lathe and 1x2 crows nest. The sail is a shredded white shower curtain, with plastic shower curtain rings.

    These were relatively inexpensive to build, especially the crows nest, coming in at only about $50 for materials.

    Another option is wreckage of a ghost pirate ship, with the captain still at the helm. I animated this with a rotisserie motor and home made linkage.

    Don't forget the obligatory treasure chest scene too:

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    I put up a post recently showing how I built a cannon for our pirate display, as well. Should be easy enough to find in here.

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    Here are a few pics of mine.... Name:  DSC01664.jpg
Views: 6506
Size:  94.8 KBName:  ship1.jpg
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Size:  96.8 KBName:  ship.jpg
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    Let me know if you have any questions


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    Back in '07, I did sort of the impression of a pirate ship. Basically made a ship "skeleton" and covered it with burlap. You can see it at the beginning of this video

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    Here are a few pics of mine....no plans, just started building and this is how it turned out. Most important thing was to break down for storage.

    The basics were:

    1. Figure out size needed and build a wooden frame.
    2. Use plywood for the floor.
    3. Cover the sides with canvas and paint black.
    4. Cover the canvas with painted 4x8 sheets of foam that have been cut into planks.
    5. Cover the floor and cabin with Free old ceder fence pickets.
    6. Make a railing for the bow and stern.
    7. Use long wooden poles for the mast and find the crows nest at Hobby Lobby.
    8. Hang black sheets and pirate flags for sails.
    9. Add pirates and cannons.
    10. Just reverse for storage.

    Hope this gives you some ideas that could help out.

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    wow thanks everyone for all of the info. this is definitely helping me . not sure i have the tools to pull off something like this.
    may have to invest in a good table saw and other tools.

    Phantom Blue; how long did that take you? it looks awesome. I may need a more in depth tutorial from you. What do you charge? lol
    thanks for the images of the frame.

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    We built one last year for a decorating contest at a campground. Pretty simple design. We made a flat 2x4 frame out of scrap lumber. We used thin plywood and spacers to make the sides bulge to give a 3D look. The mast was 2x4's with cardboard tubes slid on. The crows nest was a simple plastic tub painted with spray paint. The sail was some sheer cloth, old curtains I believe.
    Here are some videos. It looked better in the dark with the lighting. The cannons were simple 4 inch PVC pipe leftover from a remodeling job with foam rubber bands glued around the end. I stuck a cheap strobe light in the end of each and plumbed a fog machine to blow smoke out of the cannons. I then recorded some cannon fire sounds and played that as very loud background sounds using an old surround sound system connected to a laptop computer with a couple of large subs for some rumble.
    Ours was just a false front, behind it was a pirate themed haunted house. I don't have much for video in there.
    Hopefully here are some videos!







    Not as good as some props, but I buy very little for my Halloween builds. I think I have a total of $20 in this ship build. Everything was found or given to me. The lumber for the ship was all scrap lumber that was given to me. I figure we could make some awsome displays if we wanted to spend money buying things, but our personal goal is to see how little we can spend.
    By the way, we have won 1st place in the decorating contest at this campground every year for 5 years now.
    Good luck with your build!

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    I have the easiest solution in the world for a crows nest. I did this last year.... I took my basketball goal and removed the backboard. Propped it up as high as it would go and removed the net. Attached a pvc pole with screws to the goal and took a sheet and flag and screwed it into the pvc pole ,
    It gets windy and I didnt want it to go anywhere..
    I then took a plastic flower bed barrell that I got from Big Lots , put it in the hoop, put a skelly in it and Voila...Instant Crows Nest...
    Name:  elh-erin-loves-halloween--albums-pirates-prp-2011-picture90732-made-mast-taller-added-crows-nest.jpg
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    Last post! Promise LOL... I dont have a ship but have the "feel" of a ship. I made a ships wheel out of a wagon wheel and the spokes are for furniture tables. I have 3 or 4 old wooden pallets I set everything up on. Here is a pic of it at night. You could totally do this

    Name:  elh-erin-loves-halloween--albums-professional-photographer-pirate-yard-2011-picture108412-love-s.jpg
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    ps...needed lighting on the crows nest and I am doing that this year


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