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    Default Toxic Waste anyone?

    Toxic Waste anyone?
    Ok, I've had the idea of making a waste spill for some time but until this year I haven't had the fogger. So I'm now starting my toxic spill. The photos were taken this morning after I spent 2 hours in the forum. I'm feeling really inspired but really broke so I will keep you all posted with photos as I progress but its going to be a long process. Here is what I have come up with so far. If you are wondering where the inspiration came from think "Toxic Avenger" meets "I am Legend" meets "The Living Dead" for the theme of my display.

    Toxic Waste anyone?-toxic-waste-step-1.jpg

    So far the parts are simple you need one white plastic barrel (food grade is preferred) 1 fogger and 1 fitting (Im using a NDS 4 in. x 4 in. PVC DWV x S&D Adapter sold at home depot or your local home construction "restore")Toxic Waste anyone?-dsc_0017.jpg This photo shows the fogger set up in the back of the barrel with the fogger running. I will be placing a Green CFL inside the barrel and Bio hazzard vinyls on the outside of the barrel with placards around the yard to "warn" people of the danger that awaits them.

    I would love to here suggestions and if anyone can tell me how to creat a "spill" let me know... I've been toying with the Idea of Clear Acrylic with green leds strung through it but I'm not sure if it will work. if anyone has experience with the stuff please let me know.

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    Our spill was spray foam painted with fluorescent green paint. Glowed really nicely with a black light. We had a green light IN the barrell too and that didnt seem to 'bother' the glow with the black light and paint.

    If I build it, will they come ?

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    Toxic Waste anyone?
    The spray foam works pretty well...Here are a couple of pics of the ones that I created.Toxic Waste anyone?-barrel.jpgToxic Waste anyone?-barrel2.jpg

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    As an added effect use the spray foam and the green LED's embedded in the foam. It would work the same as the glowing embers effect but with green. I think that would look great to create an internal glow along with the fluorescent glow on the outside.

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    Toxic Waste anyone?
    The spray foam does work very well. Here's a daytime shot of one of my toxic waste scenes. The spray foam (Great Stuff) had gaps in it to allow the fog to seep up out of it. I had a fogger and a green spotlight inside the 55 gal. drum. The flourescent paint on the foam glowed great under black light. Unfortunately, I do not have a clear night shot of this prop, which has since been dismantled and repurposed. This guy is now my new cauldron creep.

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