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    Default whats a good talking skull

    ghoulish greetings..
    anyone want to share some opinions on a good talking/moving skull(lifesize).i've already searched but would like opinions from anyone who has a good one. i'm looking for something that could be used on a cauldron creep possibly. don't really care about dialogue but i like the movement and lighted eyes.
    anyone have this juneaustudios skull?

    thanks for any info

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    whats a good talking skull
    That juneaustudios skull is a reworked Gemmy prop. I have that same exact skull and it did not cost $500! Granted it looks like he removed all of the guts to the skull and installed a MIDI control system and includes several routines for the skull. Still very pricey. I don't think he is marketing these toward home haunters.

    There is a newer and cheaper 3-axis skull system out from Triaxial Skull Labs that only costs $115. You still need to add a powersupply ($20), VSA software (80$), and a servo control board ($40), but you still come out cheaper and with a more capable product.

    Next, you have Graveyard Skulls. Lots of members have bought these kits. They have an older style kit that is close to the price of the Triaxial kit, and a newer rack and pinion kit that goes for around $400. Very nice kits as can be seen in the video below.

    Last, you have another new system from Fright Props, using their new Pico Talk controller. Their prices range from $60 for just the controller alone, up to a kit that includes two skulls talking to each other for $569. These kits are not 3-axis though. They just move the mouth and have random eye movements.

    Oh, wait I forgot one. If money is no object and you want a very robust skull, then you need to check out Skulltronix. Their basic skull starts at $999.

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    check this one out right here on the forum, looks like a pretty good deal.

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    superb,thanks for all those links.

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    If you just want talking and not 3 axis movement check out Carl's site.

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    Of course, if you want to build your own, there's already a small thread on this forum that will tell you how.

    My 3 axis progress
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