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    Default Ideas on how to make a cave?

    Ideas on how to make a cave?
    So for my haunted house this year I wanted part of it to be a cave. I want it to look really realistic in a small space so that guests feel claustrophobic. And I want it to be nice and sturdy and hard if guests touch it so it doesn't seem fake. CHEAPEST way please. This is what I kind of picture it to look like but with more netting and effects:

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    Try looking through this:
    Mine/ Cave Walls
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    check out these how to for fake aquarium rocks. should be just what ya need.



    now this is common practice in the aquarium world, and the links I supplied are
    far from the best I've seen. (do a search, You'll be amazed at some of the cave systems in aquariums.)

    I've also seen foam caves (on a larger scale) where they used the stucco(sp?) for ceilings.
    Base color was mixed in and then blown on using the stucco gun.
    (Which you can get at most rental places.)

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    Two choices build puzzle pieces on the floor of the room you plan to assemble them in, or build a frame work in place to sculpt from. Make a 2x4 frame and cover in chicken wire and then felt on top of that. Cover with fiberglass resin (do a search for car interior mods/speaker boxes). The combination of the wire and felt will give you more control of the shape. Use pieces of regular wire to stitch the two together as needed. Get rock salt for thawing out ice (20 lb. for $4 Wal Mart). Take the rock salt and working in small areas, push it onto your final coat of resin. Allow this to totally dry, then wash out the rock salt leaving the massive texture you are looking for. You can also mix sand into the resin or push it into the final coat. Along the areas that people will be running their hands-for safety-you will want to sand this out or use less salt. As a final precaution after you do your paint you can get any surf board wax and put a build up here too as if thousands of people have already run their hands here. Spray house paint with a gun, model your colors with can paint held about 2 ft. away. In a scenario of this scale you have to do a water feature, make sure that it is out of harms way though and up light for ceiling effect. And don't forget to check with the Fire Dept. for safety codes!!!




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