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    Default Spooky Voice Text to Speech - Solved Myself LOL

    Sooo I'm wondering if there is anything out there or what ideas people have on getting mp3 tracks to put on a cd of a spooky or scary voice reading these instructions I have written for something.

    I have my BB and an amr-> mp3 converter and I could say the instructions into the phone myself and do it that way but I just cant do a spooky enough voice and neither can anyone i dont want to find out the instructions.

    I found this guy online but the recording to my cell just doesnt sound good.

    Click HERE

    I guess i'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas or better/scary text to speech free online resources. I'm just a tad stumped at the moment and wondering if there is an easier way.

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    LMAO so i figured this out by myself ... just in case anyone else had the same issue or anything..

    with a few free online downloads and some messing about I got it ... found a cool program online (Audacity 1.3 Beta) that lets you do all this crazy stuff to your voice (echo, pitch, speed, distort, etc.) AND add other tracks in the background!! So I recorded my voice on my BB .. used a free online amr -> mp3 converter (amrtomp3converter)

    HELLLLLLLOOOO my creepy Tempt Fate Game instructions spoken over the Disney Haunted Mansion song!! All in mp3 format YESS!!

    Can i just say how super happy i am?? And I am also tempted to try to add some techno to the background of some other halloween songs for an added boost .. OH the power I possess now Muahahaha
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