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  1. Default halloween wedding songs -- HELP!

    hi all,

    i am getting married on halloween this year, and although my reception playlist is OVERFLOWING with spooky songs galore, i'm wondering if anyone might have some ideas for good songs for a slow-dance? -- particularly one we can use as a spotlight dance with our parents.

    anything you can think of would be super! and thanks!


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    How about The Corpse Bride. record 2 Side #3 has several songs from the wedding scene. I shared the LP here:

    The Corpse Bride Soundtrack

    I think Moon Dance would be a god slow danceable song as well, but it is short. You could double it by repeating it a couple of times though.

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    I would have to recommend Midnight Syndicate's song 'Soliloquy' (found on both Realm of Shadows and Out of the Darkness) or Nox Arcana's 'Lenore' (from Shadow of the Raven), though both groups have many great slow songs that are worth a listen.

    Congratulations, by the way.

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    You have some good suggestions already. For slower stuff I would also recommend Transylvania Moon from the Love At First Bite soundtrack- you can find it here
    It's only a minute long, but it's really pretty with its Gypsy violin and such. My bf and I were just listening to it.

    For faster stuff, if you decide you want any, find "Walk Like a Zombie" by The Horrorpops.

    "And you wanna hold hands in the cemetery
    And you wanna be lost for all eternity
    And everything is dark and kind of scary
    And you crave the full moon but i don't care..."

    Hear the song here:
    YouTube - Walk Like A Zombie - A HorrorPops Video/Picture Slideshow
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    Monsters Wedding by the Aquabats




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