I want to try something new this year.
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    Default I want to try something new this year.

    So for last year's display I simply made a YouTube playlist and played that from my boombox speaker. It gave me the effect that I was looking for but there were setbacks.(WiFi going out/ads)

    This year I want to create a playlist to where Its on one big disk or file. Something like this: Intro/song/sound effect/song/sound effect/etc.. (The sound effects would be like an intermission between songs) The thing is, how would I go about making a playlist like that? Is there a downloadable editor I can use. Has anyone else made their own soundtrack/playlist for their yard haunts?
    (I intend to download the songs & sounds as audio from YouTube videos and compile them.)
    Any help would be great!

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    Adam from Poison Props does some amazing sound effect CDs you can purchase. Otherwise the folks at Gore Galore also have plenty of great tracks of their own as well as other talented artists on their website HauntAudio.com.

    Otherwise there's always of course Midnight Syndicate or Nox Arcana which offer some great ambiance.

    You can purchase parts of certain albums and burn everything to a CD or get yourself a cheap MP3 player or iPod to run your sound off of.

    I wouldn't suggest downloading audio files off YouTube as not only is it illegal, it takes money away from these very talented individuals who work very hard to provide awesome products for a very niche market!

    Hope this helps!

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    Just compile your playlist, then download it to an MP3 player. That's how I do my jump scare sound effects every year.

    And I second Front Yard fright's advice...don't download from Youtube. Amazon, iTunes, and E-music .com have just about anything you could want, and you can just download the tracks you want, in most cases.
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