Surround Sound and Audio Track Creation
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    Default Surround Sound and Audio Track Creation

    Hi Everyone,

    New to the forum, so other than my intro post, this is my first real post. Forgive me is my setting are not yet 100%.

    I have an old sony surround sound system I am no longer using and want to see if I can put it to good use. I am pretty use I can use each of the channels to throw a different sound through out the yard. Correct me if I am wrong, but I can, right?

    The challenge I face, is how to create a sound track that would throw the sounds I want out of each channel? I am by no means an audiophile, so I will have to learn my way around this.

    Might anyone have any advice on where to go to learn so more about the topic. I am fond of YouTube, but think this topic will bring up too many other links.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, directions would be greatly appreciated on either the use of the system itself or how to create tracks.

    Thank you,
    Scott aka Banished Souls of Vera Ave

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    I can't help you that, but I can tell a little about how you can get this to happen with a simpler stereo set up. I mix sound quite often with a free audio editor, "Audacity". It's reasonably easy to use with just a little learning. Basically, you open a stereo soundtrack in the program and you see two separate WAV files. In the control section at the left of each file there is a Pan function, simply click on the marker for one file and slide it all the way to the left, and click the other file all the way to the right. You can add additional tracks, I don't know if there is a limit, I've never reached it, so say you load one file with owl sounds, and one with howling wolves, with a little tweaking you can have owls on the right and wolves on the left. Sorry if this is too basic, but from here you would have to see if there is a similar program that deals with more channels than just left and right.
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    I am not an expert on this topic, more of a beginner, really. Dealing strictly with left/right stereo (the original or "actual" stereo) --There is also the so-called "phantom speaker effect," which is the illusion of a "phantom center channel" if the sound is coming equally out of the right and left. By varying the volume levels of a sound coming out of both speakers, the illusion of multiple positions, and even panning, can be created.




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