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    I am dressing up as Nosferatu this Halloween. I have most of the pieces for the costume but I had a question about the makeup.

    My face is rounder but I need to achieve a "gaunt" look for Nosferatu. In particular I want to construct larger cheekbones and then contour them with makeup.

    Could I achieve this effect liquid latex and toilet paper/cotton/etc.? Or would I be better off using nose wax/putty? At a costume store I was advised to use toilet paper because it is difficult for an amateur like myself to work with wax. What do you all think?

    Thanks in advance!

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    It's not difficult at all to use the wax. Just do a couple of searches on Youtube. To sink your cheeks in, use darker shades of makeup on them and lighter makeup colors on your actual cheekbones (to enhance them). I would rather use the nose and scar wax (i use Synwax) to build up the actual ridges of my cheeks. G'luck.
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