Unique Halloween Costume for Blonde Girl 2012
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    Default Unique Halloween Costume for Blonde Girl 2012

    I would love some outside ideas. I am 21 years old 5'1 100lbs and blonde. I enjoy the opportunity Halloween provides to go over the top and look hot and colorful. Last year I was Harley Quinn which was a lot of fun. So far my two favorite ideas are Molotov Cocktease and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from the Venture bros but I would kinda like to let my natural long blonde hair show. I like comic books and cartoons a lot so i have thought of the obvious Tinkerbell, Supergirl, Alice in wonderland and so on but I would really like something unique that i wont likely run into a bunch of other people dressed the same. I also thought of being Emma Frost or Holli Would but i also dont want to have to explain to everyone what i am (i want people to "get it").
    I can sew and have plenty of time so feel free to throw out ideas that would be a big project. Any ideas are greatly appreciated but i would like to where something sexy. I also would really dig a costume that is funny or clever in some way. Im open to wigs but again i would like to take advantage of my long blonde hair.
    P.S. I LOVE COLOR I wanna really stand out (which is difficult on Halloween)
    Any help is MUCH appreciated


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    What about Rainbow Brite? LOTS of color there, and she's definitely blond! Super retro and totally fun.

    Rainbow Brite Costume
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    I like the idea of RainbowBrite!

    A few other ideas:

    Marilyn Monroe


    Lady Gaga


    Greek/Roman Goddess - Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis...
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    My aunt did barbie in a box a couple years back...it looked pretty good. She did herself up like a doll then built a lifsize barbie box from the knees up. I can't find a pic right now but if i do i'll post it. She used clear plastic in the front so it really did look just like a barbie box.

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    Let's see...drawn from comics or cartoons, common enough so people are more likely to get it, but not so common there will be several versions of "you" everywhere you go. Blonde, colorful and sexy. Hmm.

    What about Nancy Callahan from Sin City?
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    o0o rainbow bright!!!

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    Definitely She Ra- or as Adora


    Also Cheetara would be sexy, lots of fans there, you can do your hair teased and with the markings

    Almost forgot, Sailor Moon or Venus. I was Venus one year and loads of people wanted my pic. My venus had a plunging V neck and the skirt was alot shorter.
    omg look at these boots! moi sexxai

    Ive been both Sailor Venus and She ra and both costumes got tons of attention ( I made my She ra costume)

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    How about Babydoll from the movie Sucker Punch. She blonde,sexy and BADASS!

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    Oooh. i never thought of rainbow bright. im like a lot of these ideas



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Unique Halloween Costume for Blonde Girl 2012